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Those who know me understand that it has always been my nature to present my point of view although it was often outside of the mainstream thinking. On several occasions I have written articles for industry magazines. 

In 1991, I wrote several articles for the California Horsemen and The International Horsemen. Since my articles were controversial, I titled all the articles, "For What It's Worth."  I wanted the reader to realize that these are my personal feelings.  So here are some old articles written exactly as they appeared in 1991.  Read them and tell me what you think.  I have added some after thoughts to each article.

It is still my judgment, that a good portion of the issues that I touched on in the past are still important issues facing the thoroughbred industry today.  I would love to discuss these topics with you and hear your side of these issues, for whatever your opinion is worth.

These various articles give my point of view on several issues pertinent to our business.

  • Wine parallels the Wine Industry with the Thoroughbred Industry and discusses economic cycles.

  • Technology discusses the influence of progress on our lives and competition in attracting sports fans.

  • Changing Shape concerns methods of determining stud fees and touches on breeding for soundness.

  • Medication concerns the increased use of medication and what it does to and for our lives and its effects on the horses we so love.  Be sure to explore the many interesting links contained in the text of this article.

I have continued my  commentaries in recent year in the New York Thoroughbred Horsemen's Newsletter in articles also entitled "What It's Worth."  You will find them located at the NYTHA Website under Newsletters which can be reached directly by clicking on   They run from July 2003 through December of 2005.  for you convenience, I have published them on here on my website.

For What It's Worth, you are listening to the great Rock and Roll song Cara Mia. This is the terrific rendition recorded by Jay Black and The Americans.  Just listen to the fantastic voice of Jay Black.  This is one of my favorite songs, the music of my youth.