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Pyramids are Interesting

It is truly amazing what man can create and what mankind has been creating for a long time.  When you think of the wonders around the world and the achievements of man, you feel that mankind can do anything if he just sets his mind to a task.  From the wonders of the old world, to the exploration of space, it would seem that everything is possible.

Be the architect of your own goals.  In the thoroughbred world, it is important to set a goal and begin to climb the steps that will bring you to the top.  Then you can begin to move towards the top, step by step. 

Let me assist you in making the plan that will get you started in an upward direction. 

The Pyramid of Kukulcán or as the Spanish called it El Castillo (The Castle) is located in Mexico at Chichén-Itzá.  This giant pyramid was constructed around 1100-1300 A.D. in what is called the Maya Toltec Architectural Style.  Each of the four sides has 91 steps.  When you add the platform at the top, that makes 365 steps, one for each day of the year. 

At the foot of the northern stairway heads of Kukulcán can be seen. They compliment the impressive effect of the descent of Kukulcán during the Equinox. At mid afternoon on the days of the Equinox the shadow that covers the northeast angle of the pyramid is reflected on the stairway and forms triangles of light and shade that imitates the movement of a serpent.

This effect is more impressive because it touches the large head of Kukulcán at the bottom of the stairway, making it seem as though the serpent was slowly and magically descending the pyramid. This effect could only be obtained by precise architectural and astronomical measurements.

Henry Ford felt, "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals."

" The View is Always Great From the Top."