It is Fun to Swim with Seals

It can be hard to make a point sometimes.  However, if you can get the attention of the party that you are talking to, then you at least have the opportunity to get your message across.

These young seals are always playing and moving about, just like some folks I know.  This seal and I were having a discussion about food.  Here I am busy trying to give this seal some good Mel Brooks advice which is "To slow down, relax and smell the lox and onions."

Then I began to sing to this seal ( To the Tune of a Little Bit of Luck - from My Fair Lady ) an Allan Sherman Classic

A piece of rye bread isn't very tasty,

A slice of onion isn't such a treat,

A slab of cream cheese tastes a little pasty, but--

With a little bit of lox, with a little bit of lox,

You've got something very good to eat !

The seals are a lot of fun to be around.  When I was in the Galapagoes Islands, I was able to get very close to the seals.  I even had a chance to snorkel with the babies.  While I was in the water, the babies came right up to me and actually pecked on my mask.

Anything Worth Saying is Worth Repeating a Thousand Times..

" If We Could Talk to the Animals......"