Variable Stud Fee
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Variable Stud Fee Payment Opportunities

Stallions are owned in a variety of ways from sole ownership, to a group of people owning a percentage of a horse at stud, to stallions that are syndicated.  There are many people that simply cannot provide foal sharing arrangements for anything other then mares that they feel will provide the opportunity of extremely high sales results.  This arrangement is advantageous to stallion season owners.

However, the opportunity to provide flexible terms with buyout opportunities at with a variety of incentives  at different times during the pregnancy, weanling cycle ranging from when the mare is pronounced in foal for 60 days, to when a mare is sold at public auctions, to a payment program which allows for payment from sales proceeds is alternatively attractive to stallion season owners who desire to get a predetermined yield on their season. 

Many farms today have high costs of standing stallions that are passed on to the stallion owners.  However, many farms and season owners are willing to make attractive offers to accommodate the needs of breeders.  There maybe opportunities for discounts based on multiple matings that can further reduce stud fee expenses. 

Advantages of Variable Guaranteed Stud Fee Purchases
  • Payments can be adjusted to fit mare owner's cash availability.
  • The upside is all in favor of the mare owner while there is relatively small downside risk.
  • The buyouts give the mare owner substantial discounts.
  • Multiple purchases can be combined to even provide additional stud fee discounts.