Success Factors
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There is no better way to keep score on how well you are doing then by counting your money. If you are ahead, you are probably onto the right formula for your way of participating in the thoroughbred industry. If racing and winning is your motive, the bills you receive from the track photographer can be another way to check out how well you are doing. If your son or daughter married wealthy and happily with someone you they met through the horse business, you can consider yourself lucky and successful, especially if the marriage lasts. However, most importantly, if you are having fun and not going completely broke, your venture into the world of the thoroughbred is worthwhile.


Subject Advantages Disadvantages Notes
Selling Selling the horse at the right sale at right time for a lot of money can be like hitting the lottery. Without good contacts, the right horse can yield a lot less then the it would for others who have the right contacts. Never be afraid to sell and let someone else hit the jackpot. You at least have improved your reputation and made a client.
Stallions This is the biggest jackpot you can hit. The stud fees can be very high for a top stallion. Presently Storm Cat earns about $50,000,000.00 per year from stud fees. The wrong farm or the wrong team behind the right stallion can leave you short. Never be afraid to give the farm that stands your stallion a strong incentive. They are the people that make your stud successful. Good contacts and good advice to help your stallion succeed is essential.
Winning Races at the Track There is nothing like a trip to the winnerís circle especially in a quality race. Be both aggressive and conservative with regard to the race selection for your horse. Horses go in and out of form. A win is most often followed by several losses. It is hard for a horse to maintain top form for an entire year. Never let envy ruin your good time. Enjoy your horses for the enjoyment they can bring you, especially the good ones.