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I wish to thank the stallion owners who are offering foal shares, up to first money deals and the farms standing these sires, combination purchase deals and the season owners who own the shares, and the lifetime breeding rights holders in these stud horses. Cooperation between mare owners and the owners of seasons is more essential than ever. 

I recommend that you simply click on the Shogun Ad so that you can better appreciate my concept, "that it is better to do business that works for both parties, then to do no business at all."  If you in fact share this point of view, then you will certainly enjoy dealing with me in your thoroughbred breeding endeavors.

Additionally, I have supplied information on these stallions that I feel will assist breeders with their selection process.  This information is of value to the stallion season owner as well as the mare owner. 

I welcome Mare Owners or Stallion Season Owners to contact me in my office at (201) 944-7757 or on my cell phone at (201) 362-5619 to discuss their stallion selection for their mare, or the type of mares to select for their stallion. Together, we can create a good mating under the terms and conditions that work for all parties concerned.