Special Bollywood Interviews
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Special Bollywood Interviews

The Bollywood actors, actresses, directors, song writers, choreographers, make up artists and the other in this amazing film industry demonstrate charm, intelligence, humor and class during interviews.  If you want to really learn more about these terrific people. you will really enjoy this page.  If you believe that true top class beauty comes from within, then you will further appreciate this section of my tribute to Bollywood.


The music in Billu Barber is just great and the dancing is sensational.  I am completely overcome with anything that involves Priyanka Chopra.  She absolutely wows me and her charm, intelligence and overwhelming beauty has me totally captivated.  So enjoy this interview where Shah Ruhk Khan, Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta and others discuss the song Rockin' and Reelin' (Khudaya Khair).  Priyanka explains that it is hard to have a good body and in this piece and she is beyond beyond in the sex appeal department.

Interview Rockin' and Reelin' from Billu Barber.


Aishwarya Rai (now Bachchan) is superb on the David Letterman show.  In this interview, she is promoting her movie Bride and Prejudice which is the movie that got me interested in Bollywood.  Aishwarya is amazing and her charm, quick wit and remarkable allure is on display in this television gem.

Aishwarya on The David Letterman Show


Asin is certainly a great beauty and she gets a major break in her career by co-starring in the movie London Dreams.  She is well spoken and charming in this interview about this hit movie.  You will get good insight into stars like Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan and the others who are also in this excellent movie.  It is difficult to take your eyes away from looking at Asin's fantastic face during the interview. If Asin did not win you over in the interview, you will be captivated by her amazing beauty with the scrolling pictures of Asin for  one and half minutes at the beginning and at end of Mann Ko from London Dreams.

Asin - London Dreams Promo Interview

London Dreams - Mann Ko



If You are are getting interested in Bollywood, it is time to meet the reigning king of Bollywood.  His name is Shah Rukh Khan.  Here is a great three part interview on CNN, that related Shah Rukh to his smash hit movie Om Shanti Om, just one of many.  You will get a great incite into Bollywood film making as well.  So here is this three part Interview followed by the subject song, Dard-e-Disco

Shah Rukh Khan CNN Part 1

Shah Rukh Khan CNN Part 2

Shah Rukh Khan CNN Part 3

The Song - Dard-e-Disco from Om Shanti Om

Many Faces of Hrithik Roshan in Krrish

Here is an interview entitled Hrithik - Eye Candy.  Let's say that this one is for the girls since Hritiik is a truly handsome hearth throb that the ladies are sure to love.  He discusses functional fitness and flexibility in this interview.  It is mostly in English with a touch of Hindi but it is very easy to follow. So enjoy the super handsome Hrithik Roshan in this modern day exercise clip and then and then see him in action as he dances in Krissh. Oh the girl is Priyanka Chopra in this dance number.


Eye Candy Interview - Hrithik Roshan

From the Movie Krrish - Dil Na Diya