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Name of Sound Bite Performer Length of Sound Bite Page Location       Click To Go To Entertainment Category
I Drove All Night Celine Dion 3 Minutes 59 Seconds 54 Reasons Vocal
God Bless America Celine Dion 3 Minutes 35 Seconds About American Made Vocal
The Spy Who Loved Me Carly Simon 3 Minutes 25 Seconds Achievements Bond Movie Theme Song
After All  (from Chances Are) Peter Cetera & Cher 4 Minutes 1 Seconds Albums Vocal
America the Beautiful Elvis Presley 2 Minutes 12 Seconds American Vocal
One Love Bob Marley 2  Minutes 47 Seconds Andover Vocal
Dang Me Roger Miller 1 Minutes 52 Seconds Andover People Vocal
The Lion Sleeps Tonight Tokens 2 Minutes  37 Seconds Animals Vocal
Higher Ground Barbara Streisand 4 Minutes 23 Seconds Architecture Vocal
Colors of the Wind Vanessa Williams 4 Minutes 11 Seconds Asia Vocal
Somewhere In Time Roger Williams 3 Minutes 24 Seconds Auctions Musical
Mission Impossible From Movie 3 Minutes 25 Seconds Background Musical
Somewhere Out There Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson 3 Minutes & 57 Seocnds Badge of Silver Vocal
Coming to America Neil Diamond  4 Minutes 19 Seconds Be a CO-Owner Vocal
Hungry Eyes (from Dirty Dancin) Eric Carmen 4 Minutes Bear Story Vocal
Believe Cher 3 Minutes 57 Seconds Beliefs Vocal
It's Time to Say Good-bye Sarah Brightman Andrea Boccelli 4 Minutes 5 Seconds Bel Cavallo Stable Vocal
Ghost Riders in the Sky Ventures 2 Minutes 29 Seconds Big Head Musical
Small World Disney World 2 Minutes 40 Seconds Blocks Musical - Vocal
Imagine John Lennon 3 Minutes 6 Seconds Blood-Horse Vocal
Starman From the Movie 5 Minutes 11 Seconds Bouchard Musical
Dragnet Dan Aykroyd 3 Minutes 49 Seconds California Stallions Comedy - Vocal
Take a Chance On Me Abba 4 Minutes 3 Seconds Chance & Probability Vocal
I Will Survive - Alien Song Gloria Gaynor 42 Seconds - Video Changing Shapes Animated by Victor Navone
Amazing Grace Elvis Presley 3 Minutes 33 Seconds Charity Vocal
Hello Again Neil Diamond 4 Minutes 6 Seconds China Vocal
Scotsman's Kilt A First Prize Funny Song 2 Minutes 18 Seconds Comedy Links Vocal
That's What Friends Are For Dionne Warwick Et Al 4 Minutes 10 Seconds Confidence Vocal
One Small Step For Man Neil Armstrong 12 Seconds Contractor Historic Sound Bite
Spam Monty Python 2 Minutes 27 Seconds Conversation Comedy Routine
Go Your Own Way Fleetwood Mac 3 Minutes 37 Seconds Cryptoclearance Vocal
Pretty Woman Roy Orbison 2 Minutes 58 Seconds Cultural Exchange Vocal
End of Movie Warning Michael Rennie 50 Seconds Day Earth Stood Still Sound Bite
Dolphin Sounds Actual Sound 2 Seconds Dolphin Quest Animal Sound
He Ain't Heavy The Hollies 4 Minutes 10 Seconds Dominance Vocal
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Judy Garland 2 Minutes 13 Seconds Exploring Vocal
The Natural Theme Original Movie Track 3 Minutes 30 Seconds Eye Musical
California Here I Come Al Jolson 2 Minutes 23 Seconds Eye at Breeders' Cup Vocal
More Than a Woman Bee Gees 3 Minutes 16 Seconds Fabersham on Factor Vocal
Mona Lisa Nat "King" Cole 3 Minutes 16 Seconds Faces Vocal
I Wonder Why Dion and the Belmonts 2 Minutes 16 Seconds Facility Vocal
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On Jerry Lee Lewis 2 Minutes 52 Seconds Farm Services Fees Vocal
Coming On Strong Brenda Lee 1 Minute 51 Seconds Favorite Trick Vocal
Help Me Rhonda Beach Boys 2 Minutes 47 Seconds Florida Stallions Vocal
Cara Mia Jay Black and the Americans 2 Minutes 34 Seconds For What It's Worth Vocal
Hero Mariah Carey 4 Minutes 19 Seconds Fox Profile Vocal
Circle of Life Elton John 4 Minutes 47 Seconds Friendship Vocal - Musical
Electric Dreams Human League 3 Minutes 51 Seconds Genetics Primer Vocal
I'm So Excited Pointer Sisters 4 Minutes 53 Seconds Greenwood Lake Vocal
Eye of the Tiger Frank Stallone 3 Minutes 44 Seconds Guest Writers Rocky 3 Theme Vocal
20th Century Fox Film Studio 20 Seconds Home Page Theme Opening
Flashdance Irene Cara 3 Minutes 53 Seconds Horses Vocal
Horses Galloping Sound Effect 7 Seconds Horses for Sale Sound Bite
I Believe Frankie Laine 2 Minutes 26 Seconds Individuals Vocal
Walk Like an Egyptian Bangles 3 Minutes 18 Seconds In Yogi's Words Vocal
Abraham Martin and John Dion 3 Minutes 17 Seconds Jana Domino Vocal
Our Love Is On The Fault Line Crystal Gayle 3 Minutes 55 Seconds Joining Vocal
A Whole New World Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson 4 Minutes 6 Seconds Joe Petrucione Vocal
Coal Miner's Daughter Loretta Lynn 3 Minutes 1 Second Kentucky Stallions Vocal
We Are The World Ensemble Group 6 Minutes 52 Seconds Kids Vocal
One Moment in Time Whitney Houston 4 Minutes 44 Seconds Kitten's Joy Vocal
He's So Fine Chiffons 1 Minutes 53 Seconds Lil's Lad Vocal
Power of the Rings From the Movie 27 Seconds Lord of the Rings Movie Sound Bite
Cradle of Love Billy Idol 4 Minutes 29 Seconds Matings Vocal
It's Only Make Believe Conway Twitty 2 Minutes 26 Seconds Medication Vocal
I'm Alive Celine Dion 3 Minutes 27 Seconds Member Activity Vocal
Memories (from Cats) Barbra Streisand 3 Minutes 53 Seconds Memories Vocal
Born Free Matt Munro 2 Minutes 47 Seconds Mendel Vocal
Betty Davis Eyes Kim Carnes 3 Minutes 35 Seconds Mitocondria Vocal
Who's On First Abbott & Costello 4 Minutes 15 Seconds More Wisdom Comedy Routine
Casablanca - Regret It Humphrey Bogart 7 Seconds Movies Movie Sound Bite
New York, New York Frank Sinatra 3 Minutes 25 Seconds New York Stallions Vocal
Xanadu Olivia Newton John 3 Minutes 28 Seconds Nothing to Lose Vocal
Up ! Up ! Shania Twain 2 Minutes 52 Seconds NYTHA Activities Vocal
Lost That Lovin Feeling Righteous Brothers 3 Minutes 48 Seconds Older Stallions Vocal
Portrait of My Love Steve Lawrence 2 Minutes 52 Seconds Only One Vocal
How the Universe Began Dr. Stephen Hawking 21 Seconds Open Mind Quotation
Forever Young Rod Stewart 4 Minutes 4 Seconds Our Philosophy Vocal
Somewhere in Time Roger Williams 3 Minutes 24 Seconds Preserve Musical
Because They're Young Dwayne Eddy 2 Minutes 1 Second Quality Musical
Loose Yourself Eminem  (8 Mile) 5 Minutes 30 Seconds Rap Vocal + Words
I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston 4 Minutes 26 Seconds Rasmusen Factor Vocal
Venus Frankie Avalon 2 Minutes 21 Seconds Relaxed Vocal
California Dreamin Mamas & Papas 2 Minutes 39 Seconds Richly Blended Vocal
Roses are Red Bobby Vinton 2 Minutes 42 Seconds Roses in May Vocal
Star Wars Theme Movies Intro 2 Minutes 1 Second Services Musical
Impossible Dream Johnny Mathias 3 Minutes 49 Seconds Shogun Vocal
Theme From Moulin Rouge Percy Faith 3 Minutes 18 Seconds Silence Musical
Simply the Best Tina Turner 4 Minutes 11 Seconds Skip Away Vocal
Heart to Heart from the Movie Mannequin Jefferson Starship 4 Minutes 34 Seconds Songs and Sounds Vocal
What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong 2 Minutes 14 Seconds Stallions Vocal
It's My turn Diana Ross 3 Minutes 55 Seconds Success Factors Vocal
Spiderman Tobey Maguire 20 Seconds Super Heroes Movie Sound Bite
Superman Theme From Movie 4 Minutes 20 Seconds Symbolic Superman Movie Theme
A Little Good News Today Anne Murray 3 Minutes 5 Seconds Technology Vocal
Somewhere My Love Roger Williams 2 Minutes 40 Seconds The Pianist Musical
Happy Together Turtles 2 Minutes 52 Seconds The Point Vocal
If I Could Turn Back Time Cher 4 Minutes 1 Second Time Vocal
Love Boat TV Theme 1 Minute 34 Seconds Treasures Musical -Vocal
Goldfinger Shirley Bassie 2 Minutes 44 Seconds Variable Stud Fees Bond Movie Theme Song
Stand By Me Ben E. King 2 Minutes 56 Seconds Wedding Vocal
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Jimmy Rodgers 2 Minutes 20 Seconds Wine Vocal
Let the Rivers Run Carly Simon 3 Minutes 34 Seconds Woody Allen Vocal
I Don't Know What to Say the Monkeys Won't Do Island Group 2 Minutes 51 Seconds Wright Asks Calypso Vocal
Unforgettable Nat King Cole 3 Minute 9 Seconds Vintage Photos Vocal
Take a Chance on Me Abba 4 Minutes 3 Seconds Wild Wonder Vocal
The Way You Love Me ! Faith Hill 3 Minutes 5 Seconds  X-Factor Vocal
I'll B e Seeing You Jimmy Durante 3 Minutes 12 Seconds Younger Vocal