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In the concept of foal sharing, I  am noted for creating innovative contracts which work well for Mare Owner and Stallion Owner alike.  Check out what foal shares are available.


Look at my mating concepts.  If they interest you, call me to exchange ideas.  I can get you the season you need for your mare under the terms that you need.


I am certainly not an attorney.  However, just maybe I can assist you with some concepts and information on a type of deals that I have done in the past.   I might even be able to recommend an attorney for you in your region or I can work with you attorney.  I like to help my clients in anyway that I can.


During my lifetime I have been a lot of places and done a lot of things.  One of them is to travel quite a bit as you can tell from some of my wisdom pictures.  I am always glad to discuss travel with my clients.  Maybe I can help you with a trip or make some recommendations.  You will find this explained under the sub topic of other things.


Many things interest me and I would like to think that I can discuss a variety of topics, intelligently.  So, if you want to chat, give me a call.  You will find that I am more than just your typical Bloodstock Agent.  I even welcome calls from other Bloodstock Agents. You will find this explained under the sub topic of other things.


I may have just what you are looking for and I can also help you to find what you are look in for.  Take a look and let's discuss things.


Spend some time getting to know me and the variety of things that I have done and the many people that I have had contacts with over the years.  I am confident you will find your visit to My Profile enlightening.