Cultural Exchange
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Kenya

My wife Mary Ann is a free lance make-up artist for a few television studios.  Over the years she has made up more notable people than I wish to list.  However, Dan Akroyd, George Steinbrenner, Christie Todd Whitman, Yitzak Rabin,  Henry Kissinger, Ross Perot, Christopher Reeve, Ang Lee, Ben Vereen,  Carl Sagan, Rudolph Guiliani, Steve Forbes and John Denver on her list of people that she has prepared for a television appearance .

We made arrangements with our guide and the chief of a Masai village in Kenya to exchange concepts of make-up. Mary Ann later used a few of the photographs we took to create a mailer for herself which she titled Cultural Exchange.

I got involved a bit in the action.  I always go with the flow.

In a Masai Village in Kenya.  

Aesop wrote, " It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds."

" Every Cultural Exchange Expands Our Knowledge of Mankind "