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Outline for New Owners

The following outline coupled with additional tables with notes, are a guideline for New Owners to consider. This outline is designed to assist New Owners and reflects only some considerations that people wishing to enter the thoroughbred business should find a valuable asset in their personal thought processes. It is presented in this outline form to furnish a simplified way for viewing various ways in which a prospective thoroughbred investor may make his entry into the thoroughbred business.

These notes reflect the thoughts of the writer, Robert S. Fox and are just some of his concepts of things to consider before entering the world of thoroughbred racing, breeding and selling.


  • Mare’s In Foal - Consider Age of Mare, Who they are in Foal to, Sales History and Conformation
  • Weanlings - Sire, Conformation and Growth History of Sire’s Offspring are Significant
  • Yearlings - Sire, Conformation and Final Usage are Important
  • Two Year Olds - Sire, Female Family and Workouts are an important buyer consideration
  • Racehorses at the Track - Level of competition and Soundness are important considerations


Breeding to Race

  • State Breeding Programs - Many State Programs have great Bonus Awards
  • Stud Fees - Often Fees are determined based on non related factors
  • Commercial Considerations - State Programs can limit, or sometimes enhance, commercial sales values

Breeding to Sell and Race

  • Sales Companies - Pick the place and company that can do the most for you
  • New Stallions - Maybe the continuation and improvement of the line
  • Conformation - Consider the physical traits and what they impart
  • Trends - What’s hot today can be cold tomorrow


  • Money Consideration - Spend what you can afford to lose
  • Tax Benefits - The type of investment that can help you get some tax relief
  • Enjoyment Factors - Do what you feel you will enjoy most
  • Business Motives - Making money it is a vital consideration


  • Selling as a Determination for Success - Good sales can be a determination of success
  • Stallions from the Racetrack to the Breeding Shed - A Stallion of your own is a bonanza
  • Winning Races - A wall of win pictures can be a measurement of success and enjoyment


Partnerships - Tax information is provided by the General Partner for the Entity

  • Limited - Liability is usually limited and ownership is often passive
  • General - Liability is not limited and ownership is often active

Co-Ownerships - Individuals are responsible for own taxes and are active owners

  • Managing - One usually makes the decisions
  • Co-Managing - More then one makes the decisions
  • Non Managing - This individual makes no decisions

Large Groups

  • Major Participant - Often is very active and usually has the most money involved
  • Minor Participant - Often has little or no say in decisions

Group Racing and Breeding

  • Established Groups - Many have a proven track record or successful approach
  • Start Your Own Group - You can have a group of friends and be restrictive
  • Friends or New People - Select whether your venture should be with friends or new people.