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Tommy Delutz, Jr. is a professional bowler of the highest level and a very likeable guy.  I have gotten to know him from his visits to Bowler City on Tuesdays when he comes in with Steve Tripp. The first time he came in, he bowled 300 in his third game. 

They say you can learn a lot by just watching and I watch Tommy carefully.  I decided to bowl alongside him on his second visit to Bowler City to get a side view of his hand positions and rhythm.  This time as I watched him and bowled myself two lanes over I made a few changes. Learning from what I was seeing, I shot a 259 game. Tommy shot 300 as we were sort of bowling together a few lanes apart.  About an hour later I bowled with my friend and shot a 792 series (246-268-278).   Thanks Tommy D.

Personally speaking, Tommy is charming, good looking and a cool young man. He is in his early 40s and a pleasure to be around.

Tommy Delutz, Jr. has his own website so you can learn all about him and keep up with his career and his other activities by visit him on line. Just click here and you can keep pace with this great bowling talent. Tommy Delutz Jr. and his dad are listed on The Great Action Bowlers of all time.

Tommy Delutz, Jr.

Steve Tripp is on the list of The Greatest Action Bowlers of all time.  Steve frequents Bowler City on Tuesdays recently, and is a smooth Stroker style bowler with a great sense of humor. Steve indicated that under today's conditions it is necessary to bowl a lot of 250 and over games to have chance in tournaments. Steve is another that is a lot of fun to be around and a person who remembers the old times while being very much up to the minute on the bowling world of today.  I liked Steve right away and him giving me a free bowling bowl (Double Agent undrilled) made me like him all the more.  He had won it in a tournament and it was certainly a nice gesture from someone I had just met.

Steve competes in local tournaments on a regular basis and is about 60 years old and can really belt out those big games. When Steve visits Bowler City, he is usually with Tommy Delutz, Jr. and they bowl against one another.  Tommy Jordan often joins them.  On June 19, 2007 I bowled two lanes over so I could sort of be in competition with these three powerhouse bowlers.  I may have faired well in one game in which I bowled 264 but I was sort of in between their games.  One game that I timed to make me feel like I was bowling against them I bowled 265.  Tommy Delutz, Jr. bowled 278 and that just proved to me that I have a long way to go to get to the really top level.

When I bowl next to those pros, I try extra hard so as not to feel embarrassed to be bowling next to such talent.  It is something that I look forward to doing when the opportunity presents itself.

On July 31, 2007 I was talking with Steve Tripp at Bowler City to thank him for all the knowledge I gain watching him and Tommy Delutz. Jr. bowl.  Steve indicated that I must be learning a lot from Tommy.  I actually learn a lot from Steve who can deliver true power bowling with grace and ease.  That makes me feel realistically confident that I might still get better and actually become a good bowler because Steve proves that age need not slow down a truly wonderful bowler.  So here is a thank you for Steve Tripp, one truly excellent bowler by any standards.

Tommy Jordan, age 41, is one of the local professional bowlers who works in the Pro shop at Bowler City drilling balls and also owns the Pro Shop.  The knowledge and skill of drilling a bowling ball is an essential part of the game, especially mine.  Tommy holds the record for a four game sanctioned series accomplished in a doubles league at Garden State Bowl.  His remarkable series was 1198 with games of 300-299-300-299 and was accomplished in 1989 when Tommy slammed 46 of a possible 48 strikes while establishing the ABC records for a four game series. Tommy Jordan had two strings of 23 in-a-row. That is just a very amazing achievement but Tommy Jordan is one amazing bowler.  Tommy helpful advice includes various tips of ways to store energy for my last step and release.  He is most recent tip came on March 15, 2008 when TJ adjusted my ball position and timing.  The result of that tip was a faster and stronger hitting ball with more accuracy. TJ's tips have made a big difference in my personal game.

Tommy Jordan, set a four game sanctioned record with an 1198 set bowled in 1989.

The first three games of this sanctioned record performance marked the first time any bowler had achieved a sanctioned  score of 899 for 3 games.

On July 3, 2007 I was had the opportunity to watch Tom Delutz, Jr. operate the Ebonite International, Inc. Bowlers Motion Analysis Program (M. A. P.) as he filmed Tommy Jordan and analyzed TJ's current bowling form. With this program Ebonite moved into the world of digital coaching. The Bowlers M.A.P. allows bowling coaches to measure a bowler's game using video technology.  Rev Rates, Ball Speed and Approach and Release Analysis studies and comparisons with other bowlers are all able to be easily performed by qualified program operators. TD, Jr. made the use of the program look easy.

The computer program which included “DigiTrax™ which is a carefully part of the coaching program records and analyzes a bowling student’s profile on the lanes. Ball speed, loft, launch angle which are all critical components of a person’s shot and equally as important, the ability to measure the ball position, breakpoint board and distance and ball path make the program state of the art for bowling coaching, The DigiTrax program is a great stand-alone program and was absolutely phenomenal when paired with Ebonite Bowlers MAP™.

On a prior visit to Bowler City, I had asked Tom Delutz, Jr. about what sports he enjoyed and he said that is a professional bowler and is dedicate to his profession when it comes to sports.  TD, Jr. is truly a professional of the highest level and I personally enjoy being around him since I always admire true professionalism.  He will be out on tour for 20 weeks this season and I would expect that he will be formidable opposition against the best bowlers in the world since he is really among them.

The July 3, 2007 viewing of the Ebonite Program in action enabled me to truly rethink my game and one result is that I was able to provide better balance for my final step and slide as I adjusted to timing changes suggested by Delutz for Jordan.  It is said that you can learn a lot by just watching, and I am always striving to improve my game.  So here is an online thanks to Tom Delutz, Jr. from a true fan, me.

The Friendship of Tom Delutz, Jr. and Tommy Jordan goes back to the days of the 1983-84 Junior Bowler's Tour

The 1983-1984 Junior Bowler's Tour had it's busiest season as the New Jersey Conference included 24 tournaments for the fifth consecutive season and the New England Conference expanded to an 18 tournament schedule. A Thanksgiving Weekend tournament was introduced and the Tournament of Champions brought the season total to an all-time high of 44 events.

Tom DeLutz Jr. won three tournaments, the point title, and finished second in average to capture scratch Bowler-of-the-Year. Rick Graham had high average of 207, edging DeLutz and third place finisher Tom Jordan, by less than a point. Jordan won six tournaments during the season.

Friends and Excellent Bowlers at Bowler City

Among the excellent bowlers that I am friendly with at Bowler City are Ansley Holmes and Lenny Koslov who are certainly among my favorite people.  Both seem to have little trouble bowling 300 games and big series.  On one occasion I bowled 4 games with Ansley and after I won the first game with a 242, Ansley proceeded to bowl a very relaxed next three games which were 300-257-256 for an 813 total.  There are a great many high scoring bowlers these day and I hope to eventually become one of them in time.  Meanwhile the lanes are certainly a nice place to meet nice people.

Ricky Warren is one of the local professional bowlers who works in the Pro Shop at Bowler City drilling balls.  Ricky truly understands bowling balls and the game and often watches me bowl to provide guidance for what bowling balls should be in my arsenal.  Ricky has bowled 23 or more sanctioned 300 games and at least 20 sanctioned 299 games.  Ricky is always providing valuable information about oil conditions and how to move on the lanes and his knowledge of what to expect from different balls with various coverstocks and cores is unequalled in my world.  He is always helpful and has a wonderful sense of humor.  He is responsible for adding some 15 pound balls to my arsenal.

The Best Educational Bowling Course - Watching the Pros 

(Especially when they are as talented and nice as this trio)

On July 7, 2007, I sent an Email to Tommy Delutz, Jr. the essence of which read as follows:

Tommy Jordan drilled me a new Ebonite RAID on Thursday evening.  On Friday, I finished an 8 game practice session (averaged 229.75) with a 748 series which is just a ton for me. 

I am certainly no Tommy Delutz, Jr., or a Tommy Jordan, but I really think that you would kill maybe even more then you already do, under certain conditions with this ball and I mean really kill.  It is very hard for me to make recommendations to true professionals but I just wanted to pass this on to you. 

On July 24, 2007 Tommy Delutz, Jr., Steve Tripp and Tommy Jordan were once again together at Bowler's City and Tommy D. informed me that he had indeed drilled himself a RAID ball and at first he didn't like but a few days ago he bowled two 300 games with it, and the next day shot a few games with it and averaged about 280.  Tommy D. informed me had drilled it a bit differently then the way my ball was drilled and I am content to know that he did indeed kill with the RAID ball if you call a few 300 games on the same day and a 280 average mini session on a different day, killing.

When I personally returned to bowling after about a 43 years absence, I found that the game had changed dramatically. For me to able to watch and truly enjoy professionals in action, is not only a lot of fun but also a very educational experience.  So on July 24, 2007 I learned a lot about the inside line and watched Delutz demonstrate how to use the fifth arrow on an inside line.  It seemed to work fine as did throw 14 strikes in a row.  It seems every time I watch the real deal guys bowling, which in this case is three EXCELLENT professionals, I realize what it really takes to be a top notch player.

Reading lanes and playing angles is part of the game as it is played today. This shows me how much more there is for me to learn.  Life always seems to point out how much more there is to learn if you have the desire to do some learning, and my love for bowling has provided me a new challenge.  So this is another thank you for a wonderful educational experience provided by some guys that are very easy to like and are the real deal. 

Oh, I also got to watch Delutz give a lesson and I had watched Tommy Jordan give a lesson the day before.  As I always say, you can learn a lot by just watching.

Making Friends through the Internet.

An Interesting Email I received about this web page:   (Thanks Kathy - Hope you don't mind me posting your kind Email):

Subj: about your bowling page 
Date: 7/24/2007 12:38:33 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Absolutely stumbled across your site (very nice!), and wanted to tell you that you have befriended 3 of the nicest guys you'll ever meet in a bowling alley.  Known all three for over 20 years; Tommy, the longest.  My husband used to bowl with Tommy D. on a traveling league in Bergen Co., with Tom J. in doubles tournaments, and in numerous tournaments in NJ as does Steve.  Please tell them I said hello from Las Vegas.



Kathy Scoppe

Kathy Scoppettuolo                
On December 4, 2007, I was bowling at Parkway Lanes since Bowler City was closed due to a fire near the entrance of the establishment.  Just as I was leaving two of my favorite pros, Tommy Delutz, Jr. and Steve Tripp came in to bowl on a sports pattern made on lanes 3 and 4, especially for them to practice on.  Tommy D. mastered the pattern after the first game (which he need to just to loosen up and warm up) and bowled 237-247-279 = 773 while bowling with remarkable consistency of speed and angle.  The ability to adjust and the knowledge of the finer points of the game for the real pros is just amazing.  I always learn a lot by just watching and this time spent watching should help some in the learning process of how to read lanes.  As Tommy Jordan says, "Don't get married to an arrow or a spot."

On December 11, 2007, I was back at Parkway Lanes bowling next to Tommy D. and Steve T. and that is always a pleasure for me. I bowled a few lanes over from them so I could also watch and learn a bit more. When I shot 236, Tommy had the front 10 strikes for 289.  I few games later I bowled 233 and Tommy shot 300.  So what else is new; it is great to learn from the pros.  For me it is like taking batting practice with Derek Jeter. When Tommy went into New York City to do something for Toys for Tots, I got the opportunity to have lunch at Hank's Franks with Steve Tripp.  Now that is really fine dining. Tommy and Steve are just really sensation guys in my book and I get reminded how much I enjoyed bowling as a youth.  I sort of feel like a kid again on day like this one.