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Bouchard 54 Story
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Here's Your Opportunity to be Heard and Voice Your Opinions and Philosophies.

I like the idea of having an open forum type website which gives people a place to expound on their philosophies and different concepts of how to race, breed, train, manage and promote and about anything else they would like to write about regarding the thoroughbred horse business.  The idea was proposed to me by two very good friends of mine in the business, Paul Denes and Gary Bouchard.

So Gary Bouchard is the one who kicks of this new part of the Bob Fox website.  Send me your articles and ideas on various subjects and topics.  Remember, no one person has a franchise on good ideas.  Let me hear from you and I will be glad to put your views on my site for the world to read.

Don't hold back and let me know your thoughts and write with all the spirit you wish. So get ready to write it your way and just let it rip .........." Eye of the Tiger" (from Rocky 3).