Eye in the SkyThe  Ultimate Edge

Eye in the Sky is a unique newly created service that utilizes the special skills of a trainer/clocker to evaluate the performance and condition of thoroughbred horses on the New York circuit.  The addition of bloodstock services helps provide pertinent information regarding pedigree and physical appearance evaluation. This enables us to provide a comprehensive overview of what the horse is bred to do. This service is ideal and will greatly benefit anyone interested in claiming or buying privately for racing or breeding purposes, as well as for those who wish to have a tremendous edge in their wagering endeavors. Eye in the Sky is geared to work with a small number of clients with non conflicting interests.

Training and Racing Evaluation. - By attending the track on a daily basis, commencing with the morning workouts, and continuing throughout the racing day, we are able to watch the activities and performances of hundreds of horses.  Under the watchful eyes of the on site associate, an evaluation is made that includes how easily and properly horses perform the tasks they are scheduled to do.

Conditioning Program Evaluation. - The general outward health and how the horse may be dealing with its problems is addressed.  The program that the horse is training under is also reviewed.

Two Men - Eighty Years of Experience. - Both the training/clocking services and the bloodstock and evaluation services are provided by two individuals with a total of eighty (80) years of virtually continuous activity in the thoroughbred business. The strong personal contacts that the two individuals have developed simply cannot be matched.

Team Cooperation. - Our services are available to integrate with the clients current operation.  We work well with other professionals and our services can easily be  integrated into their already active program. 
Racing Management. - Racing management to include selection of races and evaluation of the competition before entries are made can make each effort put forth from the equine athlete more competitive and profitable. 
Buying and Selling. - Through our many years of interaction with the people at the racetrack, we understand who is looking to sell and who is desirous of purchasing.  This is a much more comprehensive approach then what is provided by bloodstock agents who perform such functions.
Fees. -  Customarily, commissions are paid for each purchase or sale.  Special services can be contracted for at sensible rates.  We are not looking to offer our services to more than a few select clients whose interests would not be conflicting with one another.