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I love to learn.  I am in fact, an eternal student.  I guess that when I lose my desire to learn, I will be ready for the end.  I also know that everyone has something to contribute.  I feel that if I listen I might just learn something.  I even feel that way about horses.  The horses can talk.  All you have to do is listen.

It is so important to observe what is all around you and to respect other cultures.  People are different and one cannot feel that they personally are the end all, be all, in the world.  So often the simple things are the things of greatest wonder and the best source of fantastic joy.

So pick a topic and give me a call.  I might just surprise you with what I know or I might just confirm for you that there is a lot I still have to learn.  I will guarantee you that it will be an interesting call.

Oh I love to laugh and tell jokes.  I appreciate all kinds of good humor.  You are listening to Monty Python and there breakfast ordering of SPAM.  I hope you find it funny.  I sure do.

I have a philosophy and it is especially comes into play in my understanding of the horse business.

A Freshman thinks he knows;

A Sophomore knows he knows;

A Junior thinks he doesn't know and;

A Senior knows he doesn't know.





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