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In entering the thoroughbred industry as an investor and participant, good business thinking, financial expenditures, tax advantages and enjoyment for yourself and your family are that are all important considerations. The hours spent thinking about these important considerations are truly worthy of your time and energy. Talk to people you feel can assist you in your decision making process. Solicit the help of experts and then make you own informed judgment. Create your own team of advisors and read and learn a lot about the business. Purchase books and use the Internet as learning tools. Also, remember to come to the races.


Subject Advantages Disadvantages Notes
Budget Your Money Plan a budget that includes all costs of board training, Vet and Stud Fees Sometimes reaching out can get you the magic horse. After all, this is a business for gamblers It seems there is always another sale where you can buy, so try to stay within your budget .
Tax Factors Uncle Sam can be your partner and it should be considered when you are planning your budget. Tax Laws do change and so do personal tax brackets. Review this position on a regular basis. The tax advantages can be used when needed especially in a big personal earning year.
Enjoyment The highs are very highs. The lows are very low. Donít be discouraged. If you can stay in long enough, you will have some of the good events come your way.
Business Motives Use the good business sense that got you where you are in life. Such good sense does indeed apply to owning horses. Sometime irrational behavior has great results in this wild, wonderful, crazy business. You can make a remarkable amount of money if you come upon the right horse. Sometimes, it can happen cheaply like in the amazing case of Seattle Slew.