Charity - An American Institution

Americans have wonderful charitable hearts.  No wonder we have attracted so many people whose dream it was to come to America.  It is been constantly demonstrated that the horsemen who race in New York represent much of the best of our American spirit, with their wonderful charitable efforts, especially when it comes to the backstretch.  We can and must do more.

I am proud to have created the Jana Domino Thoroughbred Foundation, Inc.  Along with Carl Domino, we have been able to sell merchandise on the Internet such as saddle cloths, photographs, horseshoes and a wide variety of other memorabilia to raise funds for B.E.A.T., The Belmont Day Care Center, The Chaplain and other equine related causes. We intent to continue and expand our effort to raise more money from sales to horse racing fans throughout the world. The fans are a wonderful source of funds and it is nice not to constantly solicit the charitable owners and trainers and jockeys who are so giving of their personal resources.

There are strong charitable efforts from many, many others who raise money for these causes and more causes, and I want to commend them for their exemplary efforts.

A stronger effort from the NYTHA can provide still more.  Clothing drives, memorabilia collections and other fund raising venues must be lead by the NYTHA to serve as a model for all other racetrack benevolent associations throughout the racing world.  We are New York and a leadership role comes with our territory.

I intend to reach out to implement the expansion of our collective efforts in the arena of charitable work.