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I have often maintained that if any of us experts actually could forecast the future with true accuracy we would never tell our clients.  Well maybe we would, but we would surely want some ownership in the future champion we have selected with such great certainty. 

Realistically, we like to feel that we have assisted our patrons in improving the odds of success by making our predications for our clients. 

There has been much thought, research and study that has gone into learning more about thoroughbred horses and how to buy and breed faster, sounder, smarter horses.  Whenever I find an interesting article I am going to include that article on my website. 

Here are some articles for you to enjoy reading.  I hope that some enlightenment is gained by website visitors who take the time to read these wonderful thought provoking publications.

The Genetics Primer by Les Sellnow - Learn from Gregor Mendel or just remind yourself about some basic genetics in this enlightening article.

Chasing the X-Factor by Lynn K. Joris - The hunt for the X-Factor is very much in fashion these days among breeders and yearling buyers.  Review some X-Factor mares and try to make it happen for you.  You never know when you have created or found your champion.  The article is especially enjoyable if you like to think about pedigrees and try to attribute to the females their importance in pedigrees.