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Internet Links to Improve All Aspects of Your Bowling Game

Chris  Barnes Demonstrates the Four Step Approach in a video

Welcome Visitor to My Bowling Links Page,

It is very common for bowlers to help one another.  Part of the enjoyment of bowling is the interaction between bowlers.  I have found that the assistance given to me by Tommy Delutz, Jr., Tommy Jordan, Lenny Koslov, Ray Ortense, Val Benson and Ansley Holmes has been most influential in molding my game.  However, perhaps that strongest influence on my bowling improvements have come from information available on the Internet.  I try to incorporate the Sean Rash wrist position and the hip movement of Diandra Asbaty into my game.  It is said you can learn a lot by just watching so for the four step bowler, watching Chris Barnes teach the four step approach should be most helpful.

So in an effort to assist the many people who flatter me by asking me for some assistance, I am pleased to provide some useful links that have been of great help to my bowling game.  I recommend that every bowler compose a book of articles so that they can readily refer to important aspects of bowling.  Also, take the time to do your own searching online and utilize articles found with a search engine and videos on YouTube.

I want to thank anyone and everyone for coming to this page, and I am hopeful that information provided by these links helps improve your game.  Thank you again for visiting me online.

Now, feel the rhythm and make it happen. Good Bowling.

Bob Fox



Learn the proper four step approach by reading the entire article by Bob Strickland.  Start with the overview and continue with the step by step tutorial.  I recommend that you print these articles for your own convenience so that you can refer to them easily.

Sports:Bowling:Instruction: Strickland Tips - Four-step delivery overview


Chris Barnes demonstrates the four step approach in this 2 minute 42 second video.  You can add a small timing step to make it into a five step approach.

Click here to watch.

Stephanie Nation shows the ideal four step approach

Click here to watch

Diandra Asbaty demonstrates timing during her  five step approach in this 1 minute 18 second video.  Note the important hip movement tip in her third step.

Click here to watch


In this sections, tips are provided by several experts to help you learn the finer points of the game.  These detailed articles will assist you by providing answers to many questions that bowlers ask about the topics that will improve their game.


Bowler's Paradise is a complete link with products of every description products for bowlers.  They also have an excellent sections on tips and here is the link.

Bowling Tips!


Ron Clifton is an excellent bowling instructor and is also a Co-proprietor of Creekside Lanes in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  You will surely learn a lot from his articles.

Ron Clifton's Bowling Articles




I much prefer my local Pro Shop but you sure can learn a lot about what is available at  I have linked you to to the Perfect Scale which I know you will find interesting.  Spend some time here and surf the other parts of this website for loads of bowling items. 

The Perfect Scale - Helping Bowlers Make Better Decisions at

Be sure to check out drilling layouts if you want to begin to learn about why balls are drilled in different ways.


It is useful to understand the language of the Sport of Bowling.  Here are some sites with bowling terms. Bowling Glossary


Here are some fundamental videos from

These videos provide a good fundamental understanding of bowling as taught by qualified coaches. I prefer to tailor instruction individually to fit the bowlers natural style.  However, these videos contain various aspects of what should be considered proper bowling form and an understanding of several aspects of the game.  They provide a very reasonable approach to good bowling.

MBC: Intro

MBC: Stance Fundamentals

MBC: Keys to a Good Arm Swing

MBC: Match Your Hook to the Lane

MBC: Bowling Ball Fit, Cover and Pin

MBC: Mental Game 5-Step Plan

DEVELOPING A STRONG MENTAL BOWLING GAME is the source for a series of articles by Tom Blasco.  This extensive outline will assist you with the mental aspects of bowling. George Freeman adds other articles of interest that are worthy of your perusal.  Be sure to learn from other bowlers at the Forum and Community Message boards to expand your knowledge and interact with others who also aspire to improve their game. Tom Blasco's Expert Bowling Tips - Mental Bowling

BOWLING FITNESS AND STRETCHING provides and excellent website for your introduction into fitness requirements and warming up (stretching) for bowling.  Read through this article and its associated links and learn what to do to make yourself more bowling fit and also how to properly warm up for bowling.

There is a lot other interesting bowling related information regarding biomechanics, mental physiology, nutrition, hydration and physics of ball movement contained on this website so give it your attention and your knowledge of the game will be greatly enhanced.



This interesting video describes how bowling balls are made.  This 7:58 video is a Modern Marvel feature that explains why bowling balls actually hook. This is a must for anyone who wishes to understand how the game has evolved.

Why Do Bowling Balls Hook?



Learn about lane oil patterns right at the PBA website. - Official site of the Professional Bowlers Association