Achievements 2010
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Eye in the Sky

My Best Days on the Lanes - 2010

January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010

Columbia Momentum Bowling Ball

High Performance

What makes for a good day continues with the same standards that I used in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Those standards are still difficult to achieve and certainly if I could achieve the 250 game, 700 series and 220 average on a very regular basis I would certainly achieve a standard that is truly competitive with the better bowlers of today.

My achievements for 2008 were 100 games of 250 or better of which 25 were better than 275.  I had 36 series of 700 or better of which 10 were 750 or better and there were 35 session in which I averaged 220 or better of which 2 were 235 or better.  There is certainly room for improvement in 2010.  It was a good sign that things seemed on the improve when I bowled a Sanctioned 300 game on March 5, 2009. I bowled 300 again on July 10, 2009 and still remain hopeful that I will bowl 300 again and have an 800 series to add to my modern day resume.  I have highlighted the special achievements of games over 275, series over 750 and sessions with an average of 235 or higher.  I am also keeping running track of achievements numerically as the year  progresses by putting the number of the 250 game or 700 series or 220 average day in parenthesis.  Injuries have create physical issues that have given 2010 a very slow start.

Although I look forward to improving on my bowling with the benefits of some weight loss and increased physical fitness providing benefits to my game, I have come down with knee & elbow problems. My game has suffered terribly as 2010 began. I am hopeful that things will straighten out some as the year progresses. I might have a day where I average 250 or better for five or more games and bowl an 800 series and yet another 300 game.  On such days I would feel that I am in another world like "Xanadu" as Olivia Newton-John points out.  March 5, 2009 was such a day and so was July 10, 2009.

As 2010 wore on my legs began to bother me and by a little later in the year I stopped bowling. I am planning to return to the lanes in February and see if my legs are pain free enough for me to resume bowling.

Date Bowling Center Notes High Games High Series High Average
3-25-2010 Bowler City

It has been since December 14, 2009 that I bowled a 250 game.  I finished this 6 game session with games of 224-211-257 to finally bowl a game better than 250 again.  I was able to bend better and slide as my game returned for a while.

257 (1st)    
4-2-2010 Bowler City Bowled 3 games in league. I'm missing a lot of spares. The middle game was 253 with the front 6 strikes a 10 pin and then a double all in the pocket. 253 (2nd)    
4-5-2010 Bowler City Game 9 of the 12 games bowled on Senior Monday began with the first 9 strikes before leaving a 10 pin. That game was 277. 277 (3rd)    
4-12-2010 Bowler City On this Senior Social Monday Session my high game was 268 closing with the last 9 strikes and then beginning the next game with 3 strikes in a row for a string of a dozen straight strikes. I'm not bowling as much lately and I feel as though I have not come back to my old prowess. However there are some encouraging signs. 268 (4th)