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My Best Days on the Lanes - 2008

January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008

The Morich 'Nsane LevRG

A New Generation of Bowling Balls for 2008

What makes for a good day continues with the same standards that I used in 2007. Those standards are still difficult to achieve and certainly if I could achieve the 250 game, 700 series and 220 average on a very regular basis I would certainly achieve a standard that is truly competitive with the better bowlers of today.

I consider that if I bowl a game of 250 or better or a series of 700 or better or Average 220 or better during a session, I have achieved some sort of special success for that day's activities. So I am keeping track of those days in this section.  I never want to take for granted, that I have bowled such scores.  I started back bowling in October of  2006 using my old Ebonite Tornado.  By using reactive resin modern bowling balls I finally bowled a game higher than 250 on December 20, 2006.  I bowled my 50th such game on June 19, 2007.  A sanctioned 289 game was achieved March 1, 2007 and a series of 792 was accomplished on May 29, 2007.  I have highlighted the special achievements of games over 275, series over 750 and sessions with an average of 235 or higher. 

I look forward to bowling some games in the 290s and of course more Perfect 300 Games, and achieving a series of 800 or better would be a milestone.  Those are my 2008 goals. Doing either or both under sanctioned conditions would be an extra special achievement. I might have a day where I average 250 or better for five or more games which is another goal.  On such days I would feel like at that moment I am "Simply the Best" as Tina Turner points out.

Date Bowling Center Notes High Games High Series High Average
1-3-2008 Bowler City Bowled 268 with the first five and the last five and a 10 pin and an 8 pin in the middle. 268 (1st)    
1-14-2008 Bowler City

Returned to Bowler City from Kentucky. Bowled 8 games on Senior's Day.  They were 201-218-225-216-225-300-237-219.  The 300 game had all 12 strikes in the pocket with the last 3 shots all excellent solid strikes.

300 (2nd) 225-300-237 = 762 (1st) 230.12 (1st)
1-16-2008 Bowler City

Good bowling continued today with a strong finish to my 12 games bowled.  The scores were 180-224-249-192-183-227-224-225-214-233-279 (finished with last 10 strikes)-257.

279 (3rd)257 (4th)

233-279-257 = 769 (2nd)

223.9 (2nd)
1-21-2008 Bowler City

Finally bowled some good games with the new Black Widow Bite including a 278 eleven strike game. Had a run of 16 out of 18 strikes.

278 (5th) 243-278-193 = 714 (3rd)  
1-23-2007 Bowler City Had some timing problems early in the day and then I corrected them and bowled a 250 game which was dutch to the fifth frame and then seven in row for exactly 250. 250 (6th)    
1-26-2007 Bowler City

I have been reading a lot about the mental game and learning to use the Black Widow Bite and the Morich 'Nsane LevRG. After a poor warm up game (179) and a poor ball selection and finding the pocket entry angle game (172), I settled in with games of 243-232-195-265-216-253 to average 234 for my last 6 games.

265 (7th)253 (8th)

265-216-253 = 734 (4th)  
1-28-2008 Bowler City

Another good Monday on Senior Social Day.  I am bowling past the point where I get tired but an early effort produced 27 strikes in three games for a 783 Series.

278 (9th)258 (10th)

258-278-237 = 783 (5th)  
1-31-2008 Bowler City

I have rested and reduced my bowling activities this week as I have felt ill.  I practiced with the Bergen Catholic Bowling Team and had 8 strikes in a row to finish with a 256 game to conclude a good month of bowling.

256 (11th)    
2-2-2008 Bowler City I bowled 189-218-245-255 with the teenagers for the first three games and bowled the last game alone.  255 (12th) 218-245-255 = 708 (6th) 226.75 (3rd)
2-3-2007 Bowler City

I was tired today and the lanes were heavy oil conditions. Eventually I got myself more upright and finished with 223-206-267 (8 strikes in a row.)

267 (13th)    
2-7-2008 Bowler City I only bowled three games in my league. They were 238-202-224.     221.3 (4th)
2-11-2008 Bowler City

I put together a good series with a good game.  The 276 game had nine in a row after starting with a spare.  This was my fifth game over 275 so far this year and my seventh 700 plus series of 2008. 

276 (14th) 214-276-236 = 726 (7th)  
2-14-2008 Bowler City I only bowled three games in my league.  They were 217-208-256. 256 (15)   227 (5th)
2-17-2006 Bowler City After not bowling for 2 days, I closed out an 8 game session with three good games including a 277 (spare followed by nine strikes in a row) game. 277 (16th) 236-277-214 = 727 (8th)  
2-23-2008 Bowler City

Bowled 7 game. In the fourth games I used the Chris Barnes side ball position with great results. The 279 high game had a very solid 8 pin in the eighth fame with the other strikes mostly very solid and all in the pocket.

279 (17th)267 (18th)

236-279-267 = 782 (9th) 228.28 (6th)
3-3-2008 Bowler City One Senior Special day, I put together six games in a row between 222 and 246 during the nine games I bowled that day.   232-246-225 = 703 (10th)  
3-9-2008 Bowler City

Bowled 6 games which were 223-236-215-199-194-256 making a 6-7 split in the last frame of the last game to achieve goals.

256 (19th)   220.5 (7th)
3-14-2008 Bowler City Moved back about ten inches on my approach for better timing.  Bowled 7 games, 212-212-216-279 (spare - nine in a row)-183-213-238. 279 (20th) 212-216-279 = 707 (11th) 221.7 (8th)
3-15-2008 Bowler City

After bowling about 7 games, I made a ball position style change on the advice of professional bowler Tommy Jordan. Games of 216-222-227-257 followed to conclude this 11 game session with new ball speed of up to 16 mph coupled with a powerful driving hook finish.  Thanks TJ.

257 (21st) 222-227-257 = 706 (12th)  
3-21-2008 Bowler City Staying with the Tommy Jordan changes and using an exaggerated follow through, I bowled 173-217-211-213-244-254-277-201.  There was a significant increase in ball speed as high as 16 mph plus with the Morich N'sane LevRG ball still finishing on somewhat oily conditions.

254 (22nd)277 (23rd)

244-254-277 = 775 (13th)

223.7 (9th)
3-22-2008 Bowler City

Still staying with the Tommy Jordan changes and using an exaggerated follow through, I bowled 257-236-179-258-223-235 with the Morich N'sane LevRG ball still finishing well on somewhat oily conditions.

257 (24th)258 (25th)

258-223-235 = 716 (14th) 231.16 (10th)
3-23-2008 Bowler City

Now the Tommy Jordan style change has become the style of my new game which has a faster ball speed.  Consistency today for six games which were 212-246-215-207-205-245 once again game me a day with an average above 220 for the third day in a row.

    221.66 (11th)
3-24-2008 Bowler City

It is always a special bowling day when I can fill my three columns.  My 9 games bowled this day were 185-232-235-213-277-177-200-237-232 including a string of 11 strikes in a row starting at the end of my third game into the start of my fourth game.

277 (26th) 235-213-277 = 725 (15th) 220.88 (12th)
3-26-2008 Bowler City

I bowled 4 games which were 212-247-236-248.  The four games had no open frames and none of the 28 strikes were out of the pocket. 

  247-236-249 = 732 (16th) 236 (13th)
3-27-2008 Bowler City

I bowled 3 games in my Thursday Night Mixed League which were 244-224-234.  I bowled 6 days this week and each day I averaged 220 or better making this the most consistent week of bowling at a high level in my life.

  244-224-234 = 702 (17th) 234 (14th)
3-28-2008 Bowler City

I bowled 9 games which were 195-194-204-225-237-236-235-226-248.  There were two frames that were bowled on in wrong lanes and did not record but no matter what I achieved another day with a 220 plus average for my seventh straight session.

  235-226-248 = 709 (18th) 222.2 (15th)
3-29-2008 Bowler City

This 11 game session was 195-185-213-236-200-218-214-218-266-213-197 for a 214 average.  No 220 average today and a 697 best series left me short of 700 for this session but the 266 game saved the day.

266 (27th)    
3-31-2008 Bowler City

This 9 game session was 224-245-185-235-235-247-185-204-279 (9 strikes in a row).  This Senior Social Day got a fill for me in all three columns.

279 (28th) 235-235-247 = 717 (19th) 226.4 (16th)
4-2-2008 Bowler City

This 5 game session was 214-246-238-213-236.

    229.4 (17th)
4-3-2008 Bowler City

This 3 game League session of 212-250-191 provided a game good enough to record an event  in one column.

250 (29th)    
4-6-2008 Bowler City

I started to improve the more I bowled and eventually got a good game and a good series out of this day.

267 (30th) 221-214-267 = 702 (20th)  
4-7-2008 Bowler City

The  8 games on this Senior Social Day were 199-245-215-202-202-223-227-257 which filled all three columns.

257 (31st) 223-227-257 = 707 (21st) 221.25 (18th)
4-11-2008 Bowler City

The  6 game session was 232-217-269-190-216-226. I had 60% strikes with 8 in a row being the best.

269 (32nd) 232-217-269 = 718 (22nd) 225 (19th)
4-20-2008 Fairlawn Bowl

Bowling outside of Bowler's City for the first time in a while, I was able to bowl a 266 game with the front eight strikes, a split and a then the last three strikes.

266 (33rd)    
4-21-2008 Bowler City

Concluded an 11 game session with 515 (259-256) for the last two games. I had good timing leaning back in my stance in sort of a Jason Couch position but for a right handed bowler.

259 (34th)256 (35th)

191-259-256 = 706 (23rd)  
4-23-2008 Bowler City

Concluded an 11 game session with an 11 strike 279 game. It took 8 games to get my good timing leaning back in my stance a la Jason Couch once again.

279 (36th) 234-227-279 = 740 (24th)  
4-28-2008 Bowler City

This 9 game session included a high game of 258 as the seventh game.

258 (37th)    
4-29-2008 Bowler City Concluded an 8 game set with 257-258-247 for a 762 series.

257 (38th)258 (39th)

257-258-247 = 762 (25th)  
5-9-2008 Bowler City Finally got back to bowling a good game with a 265 with a string of 9 in a row. 265 (40th)    
5-12-2008 Bowler City This 13 game Senior Day Session was highlighted with a 739 series and a string of 12 strikes in a row in that series. 278 (41st) 278-228-233 = 739 (26th)  
5-18-2008 Bowler City

Returning to the Tommy Jordan style change with a simple cupped wrist position, I had a good 5 game set of 195-213-267-213-258. I used the 15 pound Momentum ball.

267 (42nd)258 (43rd)

267-213-258 = 738 (27th) 229.2 (20th)
5-19-2008 Bowler City

For the second day in a row I two good games which were 265 and 258.  This 12 game Senior Social session concluded with a 248 game which showed good stamina. I even got a Green Pin strike and was able to bowl for free.

265 (44th)258 (45th)

5-21-2008 Bowler City A sensible six game session with games of 169-221-202-255-257-237.  This makes three days in a row with two good games.

255 (46th)257 (47th)

255-257-237 = 749 (28th) 223.5 (21st)
5-23-2008 Bowler City Managed to get a 253 game during this ten game Friday morning session. 253 (48th)    
5-26-2008 Bowler City Had one nice game out of the 12 bowled which was 257. 257 (49th)    
5-31-2008 Bowler City

I bowled 9 games including a 743 series using my new Roto Grip Cell ball. Included also was a 278 games with the last 10 strikes.  I started the next game with strike for 11 strikes in a row before leaving a ringing ten pin. So far in 2008 in the first five months, I have bowled 50 games over 250 of which 14 games have been over 275.

278 (50th) 241-224-278 = 743 (29th)  
6-2-2008 Bowler City

I bowled 13 games including a 783 series using my new Roto Grip Cell ball. The series contained 11 strikes in a row before leaving a ten pin which was the close of the 270 and the start of the 235. This was my 30th 700 series of the year and 7 of those were over 750.

270 (51st)278 (52nd)

270-235-278 = 783 (30th)  
6-5-2008 Bowler City Thanks to an approach adjustment suggested by Len Koslov, I was able to bowl 256 using my new Cell ball. 256 (53rd)    
6-6-2008 Bowler City I bowled 6 games and scored in every column. The games were 171-217-186-258-259-235.  My new Cell ball has been very effective for me.

258 (54th)259 (55th)

258-259-235 = 752 (31st) 221.0 (22nd)
6-7-2008 Bowler City I bowled 7 games with several good games including a 258 but no 700 series for any three in a row although the 7 games average was over 220. 258 (56th)   221.0 (23rd)
6-12-2008 Bowler City

During a 10 game session, Len Koslov made some other changes in my delivery.  A lower push away and the continued small steps in the early part of my approached helped produce very positive improvements in my game.

264 (57th) 236-264-232 = 732 (32nd)  
6-19-2008 Bowler City

Finished this 16 game session with 223-270-213 including a string of 10 strikes in a row using the Momentum bowling ball. I had not bowled in a week.

270 (58th) 223-270-213 = 706 (33rd)  
6-20-2008 Bowler City

Finished this 7 games session with a final three of 706, which was the same as yesterday. I used the Cell bowling ball for the last three using an inside line.

257 (59th) 213-257-236 = 706 (34th)  
6-22-2008 Fairlawn Bowl

Finished this 11 games session with a final three of 704 bowling outside of Bowler City for the first time in a while. This was my 35th 700 series of the year.

  246-236-222 = 704 (35th)  
6-23-2008 Bowler City

This 10.8 games session (they cut me off) on Senior Social Monday reached a real highpoint in games two, three and four when I put together 29 strikes including 15 in a row. For this year so far, I now have 60 games over 250 of which 16 have been over 275.

299 (60th) 227-299-246 = 772 (36th)  
6-30-2008 Bowler City

This was a seven game session with games of 183-194-224-215-277-212-244.  The 215 game concluded with last 4 strikes in a row and the 277 game started with the front 8 which game me 12 strikes in a row.

277 (61st) 277-212-244 = 733 (37th) 221.28 (24th)
7-3-2008 Bowler City

Another day of averaging 220 plus.  The 8 games were 243-247-163-247-182-235-201-254. 

254 (62nd)   221.75 (25th)
7-10-2008 Bowler City

This 8 games session had a three game run of 289-236-216. I now have 18 games over 275 this year.

289 (63rd) 289-236-216 = 741 (38th)  
7-13-2008 Bowler City The first game with my new Arch Rival was 236 but I was able to later bowl a 255 game in this my first session with this new ball. 255 (64th)    
7-14-2008 Bowler City

This was an excellent and consistent 7 game Senior Social Day with games 224-224-221-245-237-247-248 using the new Arch Rival.

  237-247-248 = 732 (39th) 235.14 (26th)
7-17-2008 Bowler City

After two days of swimming for exercise, I returned to the lanes and was able to bowl a 267 game. That game marked my 65th game of the year over 250.

267 (65th)    
7-21-2008 Bowler City

We were only able to bowl 6 games for this Senior Social Day.  I was able to bowl a 255 and I closed out this session with a 226 game with the last six strikes in a row and a 247 game starting with the first five strikes in a row for a string of 11 strikes in a row. 

255 (66th)    
7-27-2008 Bowler City

I bowled nine games and the final three were my best. Bowling a game of 250 or better and a series of 700 is always gratifying for me.  This was my 40th 700 series of the year.

267 (67th) 225-267-229 = 721 (40th)  
7-31-2008 Bowler City

I bowled twelve games and in game ten, I start with the front nine strikes and left a split for a 265 game.

265 (68th)    
8-5-2008 Hi Roc Lanes Saratoga Spring Bowled 7 games which were 217-199-235-171-264-245-220 which was my second session at Hi Roc 264 (69th) 264-245-220 = 729 (41st)

221.57 (27th)

8-10-2008 Hi Roc Lanes Saratoga Spring This 7 game session was highlighted with a 278 game with 11 strikes.  I now have bowled 70 games over 250 of which 19 games are over 275. 278 (70th)    
8-14-2008 Hi Roc Lanes Saratoga Springs This 8 game session had a 700 series included.   236-241-223 = 700 (42nd)  
8-16-2008 Hi Roc Lanes Saratoga Spring Bowled 6 games with a 254 high game. 254 (71st)    
8-23-2008 Hi Roc Lanes Saratoga Springs Bowled 6 games with a high game of 258. 258 (72nd)    
8-25-2008 Bowler City After the drive back from Saratoga Springs I returned to my home lanes and bowled 10 games which were 164-236-247-246-214-194-226-237-246. I have 28 sessions with an average for the day of 220 or better and 44 series of 700 or better.   236-247-246 = 729 (43rd)

234-237-246 = 717 (44th)

224.4 (28th)
9-1-2008 Bowler City Another good Senior Social Day.  The 7 games I bowled were 192-224-201-237-243-235-235.   237-243-235 = 715 (45th) 223.83 (29th)
9-3-2008 Bowler City Bowled nine games working on new hand positions which gives me a better arm swing.  I had a 700 series and a 250 plus game and bowled pretty well. 257 (73rd) 248-227-233 = 708 (46th)  
9-5-2008 Bowler City Using my Cell bowling ball, I bowled 7 games and had another day where I averaged over 220.  The games were 208-246-229-212-244-233-191. This was my 30th session in 2008 where I average 220 or better. My open bowling sessions remain most good and are improving     223.83 (30th)

Eastland Bowl, Lexington, KY

My high game was 251 at Eastland Bowl in Lexington, Kentucky during this 6 game session

251 (74th)    

Eastland Bowl, Lexington, KY

During this 6 game session, I bowled consistently with games of 206-213-238-223-234-216.

    223.16 (31st)
9-19-2008 Eastland Bowl, Lexington, KY

These past several days were without highlights but I did bowl a very solid 268 game which might have been a good bit higher without some tough breaks.

268 (75th)    
9-28-2008 Fairlawn Bowl

This 10 game set was 183-179-188-213-214-245-190-278-228-247. Chris Barnes style elbow in, Tommy Jordan style ball held low and Tommy Delutz, Jr. style spread left hand and keep the ball weight there on the push away,  all combined to get my game back in some sort of order. My high string of strikes was 11 in a row over 2 games.

278 (76th) 278-228-247 = 753 (47th)  
9-29-2008 Bowler City

For the second day in a row, I had an 11 strike game which today was 265.  My long strike string was 10 in a row.  Bending my knees helped me not lean forward to soon. Local pro Ricky Warren pointed out that bowlers should take a stance like they are leaning on a stool.

265 (77th) 265-218-247 = 730 (48th)  
10-1-2008 Bowler City I continue to work hard on my timing and follow through.  Elbow in, ball held low, good hand spread, good push away, knees bent and leaning back produced 10 strike 259 game. 259 (78th)    
10-10-2008 Bowler City I watched some Professional Bowlers on You Tube and Tony Reyes style influenced my changes which included a cupped wrist and a simpler delivery. Local Pro Ricky Warren confirmed that a cupped changes the axis and thus what the ball does.  The results were 8 games which were 209-193-219-221-245-204-258-220. 258 (79th) 245-204-258 = 707 (49th) 221.1 (32nd)
10-13-2008 Bowler City I bowled 9 games on this Senior Social Monday with a high game of 253. This is my 80th game of 250 or better in 2008 of which 20 have been over 275. 253 (80th)    
10-18-2008 Bowler City I bowled 8 games with a 269 high game with a Tony Reyes cocked wrist and excellent follow through. The follow through aspect is the thing that I am working on with the most concentration. 269 (81st)    
10-20-2008 Bowler City I bowled 9 games with a 268 high game which was part of a 705 series.  I used an inside line after a few games and went to my 16 pound Morich ball because the lanes were dry.  I also got a Green Pin Strike so I bowled for free today on this Senior Special Monday. 268 (82nd) 233-205-268 = 705 (50th)  
10-24-2008 Bowler City

After starting a game with two open frames I threw nine strikes in a row and the final outcome was 255. I need to examine my stance to improve comfort for better consistency.

255 (83rd)    
10-31-2008 Bowler City No more very cocked wrist because I really cannot do it and a bit more of the Norm Duke easy release and as much follow through as I can remember to do.  Today's bowling was spotty at best, but a 286 game made for a nice highlight. 286 (84th)    
11-10-2008 Bowler City Senior Special Monday and was highlighted by a 269 game.  After averaging 231 for the first 5 games, I finished with three 190 efforts. I got a bit tired.  269 (85th)    
11-21-2008 Bowler City Bowled the first three of ten games with 7 men on two lanes.  The games were 246-209-278.  From that point on I bowled alone or with my friend Frank Copasso and averaged a bit over 200. This is my 86th game of 250 or better in 2008 of which 22 have been over 275. I have 32 sessions with an average for the day of 220 or better and 51 series of 700 or better. 278 (86th) 246-209-278 = 733 (51st)  
11-23-2008 Fairlawn Bowl I bowled 10 games with a solid 257 high game on my Sunday morning exercise bargain bowling.  I would love to make it to 100 games over 250 for the year but it will be tough. This one was number 87 for the year. 257 (87th)    
11-24-200 Bowler City During the 8 games on Senior Monday, I put together games of 225-243-244 for a 712 which is 700 series number 52 on the year.   225-243-244 = 712 (52nd)  
11-29-2008 Bowler City Bowled six games and the second one was a 288 game.  Kept the ball in the low position returning more to the Tommy Jordan adjustment in my game with the Tommy Delutz strong hold in my left hand on the push away. 288 (88th)    
12-5-2008 Bowler City Once I got the rhythm of very small heel toe first two steps and good use of my off hand on the push away, my timing began to get good and during the 708 series, I had a string of 13 strikes in a row. 251 (89th) 222-251-236 = 708 (53rd)  
12-8-2008 Bowler City On Senior Monday, we often roll the last game in speed bowl format with two or three of us because of the three hour time allotment.  This day in that final game I started with the first eight strikes and bowled 268 my 90th game over 250 for the year. 268 (90th)    
12-12-2008 Bowler City Many days, it hard to get my timing just right but after a few less than good games I got my rhythm of slow short early steps and the good grip and push out with my left hand and then things got good. The nine games bowled today were 171-180-193-225-243-257-247-237-234. 257 (91st) 243-257-247 = 747 (54th) 220.77 (33rd)
12-15-2008 Bowler City

I had laser eye surgery the morning and with less than perfect vision I still bowled well on this Senior Monday. The 11 games I bowled were 171-220-246-231-157-224-211-279-184-267-248. My totals for the year are 93 games over 250 of which 24 are over 275 and 55 series of 700 or better and 34 sessions of 220 or better.

279 (92nd) 267 (93rd) 279-184-267 = 730 (55th) 221.63 (34th)
12-19-2008 Bowler City

I bowled my 94th game over 250 and 700 series number 35 today as I continue to bowl good scores with the very slow and short early steps.

267 (94th) 226-222-267 = 715 (56th)  
12-21-2008 Bowler City I had a short session of just 6 games with a 255 high game which brought my games of 250 or better total to 95 for 2008. 255 (95th)    
12-22-2008 Bowler City I was able to wrap up this Senior Session, where my knee was hurting for a good part of the day, with a 700 series.   235-242-223 = 700 (57th)  
12-23-2008 Bowler City My knee continues to bother me but I still am able to bowl well despite the pain. Today I did get another 250 game accomplished which was number 96 for the year. 257 (96th)    
12-26-2008 Bowler City Today I did get another two games over 250 which brings my yearly total to 98 of which 25 are over 275.  My six games bowled were 213-211-187-276-256-190. Other yearly totals are 58 series of 700 or better and 35 sessions of 220 or better. 276 (97th)256 (98th) 276-256-190 = 722 (58th) 222.16 (35th)
12-29-2008 Bowler City Senior Monday produced another 700 series and a game over 250 which included nine strikes in a row and then I started the next game with a strike. For the year, this was my 36th 700 series and my 99th 250 or better game. 270 (99th) 214-216-270 = 700 (59th)  
12-31-2008 Bowler City On this final day of 2008 bowling on tough conditions, I did get a 268 game. Thus the final 2008 achievements are 36 series of 700 or better and 100 games of 250 or better. Add 35 sessions of 220 or better for 2008 and 25 games over 275. 268 (100th)