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My Best Days on the Lanes - 2009

January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009

Roto Grip Cell

The Roto Grip Cell

A Strong Finishing Bowling Ball

What makes for a good day continues with the same standards that I used in 2007 and 2008. Those standards are still difficult to achieve and certainly if I could achieve the 250 game, 700 series and 220 average on a very regular basis I would certainly achieve a standard that is truly competitive with the better bowlers of today.

My achievements for 2008 were 100 games of 250 or better of which 25 were better than 275.  I had 36 series of 700 or better of which 10 were 750 or better and there were 35 session in which I averaged 220 or better of which 2 were 235 or better.  There is certainly room for improvement in 2009.  It was a good sign that things are on the improve when I bowled a Sanctioned 300 game on March 5, 2009. I bowled 300 again on July 10, 2009 and still remain hopeful that I will bowl 300 again and have an 800 series to add to my modern day resume.  I have highlighted the special achievements of games over 275, series over 750 and sessions with an average of 235 or higher.  I am also keeping running track of achievements numerically as the year  progresses by putting the number of the 250 game or 700 series or 220 average day in parenthesis.

I look forward to improving on my bowling with the benefits of some weight loss and increased physical fitness providing benefits to my game. I might have a day where I average 250 or better for five or more games and bowl an 800 series and yet another 300 game.  On such days I would feel that I am "Really Alive" as Celine Dion points out.  March 5, 2009 was such a day and so was July 10, 2009.

Date Bowling Center Notes High Games High Series High Average
1-2-2009 Bowler City

I bowled 268 to start the New Year in the third game of a five game session.

268 (1st)    
1-3-2009 Bowler City

I bowled the year's first 700 series to close out this 8 game session.

255 (2nd) 229-255-225 = 709 (1st)  
1-5-2009 Bowler City

This Senior Monday was good although towards the end of the session, I ran out of steam.  The nine games bowled were 247-213-265-215-279-224-192-189-205 giving me scores for each category. I used the Columbia 300 Momentum 15 pound ball as my first ball all day.

265 (3rd)

279 (4th)

265-215-279 = 759 (2nd) 225.33 (1st)
1-8-2009 Bowler City League bowling of 242-210-211 got me a 221 average for the evening. Even with two bowlers missing we were able to sweep.     221.00 (2nd)
1-16-2009 Bowler City

I worked on follow through and balance and a smaller third step for a better slide.  The 8 games were 225-221-183-218-199-237-243-247.  

  237-243-247 = 727 (3rd) 221.62 (3rd)
1-17-2009 Bowler City

I continued to worked on follow through and balance and a smaller third step for a better slide.  This day I got an 11 strike 277 game for my efforts.

277 (5th)    
1-19-2009 Bowler City

I do not need to work past the first three steps of my approach for rhythm. This day I was over doing the overall approach concentration and efforts to follow through. I did start my second game with the front 8 strikes and finished with 268 but my work on my game produced an erratic day.

268 (6th)    
1-25-2009 Fairlawn Bowl

This time at Fairlawn Bowl, I started by using the 15 pound Columbia 300  Momentum for games of 216-191-202-224 and then continued with the 16 pound Morich 'Nsane LevRG for games of 276-228-257-238-216-201 for a strong day which actually included back to back 700 series.  However I want to record the 761 series so I have recorded the day my way, a day which produced statistics in all categories.

276 (7th)

257 (8th)

276-228-257 = 761 (4th) 224.90 (4th)
1-26-2009 Bowler City

Senior Special Day produced a good average for 11 games which were 232-247-197-212-204-217-253-204-203-208-245

253 (9th)   220.18 (5th)
1-30-2009 Bowler City

I until I can learn to throw the real power ball, I am very content to bowl as I did today.  The seven games were 209-214-267-214-233-205-213.  It is a slow early upright stride and full arm extension that is producing these relatively good bowling days.

267 (10th) 267-214-233 = 714 (5th) 222.14 (6th)
2-1-2009 Bowler City

On Super Bowl Sunday, I bowled 10 games and even with some bad games I averaged 216.  At the end of game 7, I closed the game with 5 strikes in a row and started the next game with the first 8 strikes for 13 in a row.  That game with the first 8 strikes was 265 followed by games of 236 and 254 for a strong end to the day.

265 (11th)

254 (12th)

265-236-254 = 755 (6th)  
2-2-2009 Bowler City

On Senior Monday the highlight was game three which was an 11 strike 279 game with a sweeping 7 pin in the 5th frame. 

279 (13th) 210-279-212 = 701 (7th)  
2-5-2009 Bowler City

This was a good league night with games of 258-198-246. That was my fourth 700+ series in the last four outings.

258 (14th) 258-198-246 = 702 (8th) 234 (7th)
2-8-2009 Fairlawn Bowl

I averaged 217.1 for 10 games with a solid finish of 258-226-221 for a 705 series in the last 3 games.

258 (15th) 258-226-221 = 705 (9th)  
2-9-2009 Bowler City

I bowled 11 games on Senior Monday which were 202-254-244-223-225-214-268-202-215-189-214 which was an excellent day.

254 (16th) 268 (17th)

202-254-244 = 700 (10th)       225-214-268 = 707 (11th)

222.54 (8th)
2-11-2009 Bowler City

I bowled 8 games and averaged 213.25.  The shot was from the corner and I had trouble at first but later I started my sixth game with the first 9 strikes and left and then opened on a double wood for 266.

266 (18th)

2-13-2009 Bowler City

I seem to bowl well when I am next to Ansley Holmes. For the last 7 games I averaged 227.71 which was enough to get my day's average over 220.  The eight games were 173-216-246-209-229-222-244-228. I always focus more on my arm extension and shorten my footwork when Ansley is  bowling near me.


  220.87 (9th)
2-16-2009 Bowler City

I did not bowl over the weekend and on this Senior Monday, I bowled 9 games for a 213.77 average.  Actually only game eight stood out when I bowled 279.  My long string of strikes was 10 in a row over 2 games.

279 (19th)

2-20-2009 Bowler City

I bowled 8 games on oily conditions trying to increase the finish of the ball.  Once I got a good rhythm with good arm extension I bowled games of 226-253-225 to accomplish some goals.

253 (20th) 226-253-225 = 704 (12th)  
2-23-2009 Bowler City Senior Monday had only one bad game and nothing great but consistency won the day.  The nine games were 215-233-247-211-233-170-226-223-245.     222.55 (10th)
2-26-2009 Bowler City League night was good with the three games being 266-220-237.  This league series had 25 strikes, 6 spares and 2 open frames. 266 (21st) 266-220-237 = 723 (13th) 241 (11th)
2-27-2009 Bowler City I am always satisfied to get something into one of the categories although often not elated because I put a greater demand on personal achievement.  After missing a chance for 250 in the second game of the day by opening in the 10th frame for 246, I was able to bowl 252 two games later with a poor game in between. 252 (22nd)    
2-28-2009 Bowler City I was able to get another game over 250 with a 10 strike effort.  I am surprised to be getting such a high number of good games. 259 (23rd)    
3-3-2009 Bowler City I did not bowl on Sunday and snow kept me away on Senior Monday.  Today I bowled 6 games while working on my follow through where IO finish with my elbow eventually bent.  It give me more fingers in the ball and a better thumb fingers release. I eventually got good results with a 277 game finishing with the last 10 strikes in a row. 277 (24th)    
3-5-2009 Bowler City I bowled my first game with the Cell ball and bowled 162.  I switched to the Morich LevRG and bowled a SANCTIONED 300 GAME followed by a 217. 300 (25th)   226.33 (12th)
3-7-2009 Bowler City

I did bowl on Friday but 249 was my high game.  This day I bowled 7 games with a 267 high game. Both days I did average well over 200 and came close to a 700 series but my goals for the list are hard to achieve every time I bowl. 

267 (26th)    
3-12-2009 Bowler City I continued to bowl well in my Thursday Night League with games of 221-247-222 for a 690 series.  I was a bit closer to the line and had a nice slow well balanced approach.  I have averaged over 230 for the last 3 weeks in this league     230.00 (13th)
3-13-2009 Bowler City

The highlight of this 10 game bowling day were the series of 226-247-244 for a 717 series.  I moved in even a bit closer to the line and have better balance.

  226-247-244 + 717 (14th)  
3-16-2009 Bowler City

Bowled 9 games which were 204-204-228-245-196-211-234-267-188 which gave me an average of 219.66, a bit short of the 220.00 average goal number.

267 (27th) 211-234-267 + 712 (15th)  
3-21-2009 Bowler City

Bowled 10 games of which the final game was an 11 strike 278 game. I had bowled 8 games and a birthday party Saturday had me moved to another lane.  I adjusted to a corner angle shot where the 11 strikes were all solid. 

278 (28th)    
3-26-2009 Bowler City

My league series was 610 but before the league, I bowled 4 games of which the last three were 236-224-256.

256 (29th) 236-224-256 = 716 (16th)  
4-2-2009 Bowler City The 250 plus game returned today in this 8 game Friday session. The games were 234-165-264 (11 strikes)-184-207-258-193-244 for an average of 218.625

264 (30th) 258 (31st)

4-6-2009 Bowler City

Senior Monday was up and down but the high was good and some of the strike runs were also good.  I used the old Hammer No Mercy Beat'n.  The games were 213-154-243-194-279-239-192-226-227 for an average of 218.55. The best string of strikes was 11 in a row and the 279 was an 11 strike game.  There was a run of 18 strikes in 19 frames.

279 (32nd)

243-194-279 = 716 (17th)  
4-11-2009 Bowler City

After coaching on Saturday, I bowled 7 games which were 247-225-159-229-216-232-258 (10 strike game).  I achieved my daily goals in all categories. Although I feel like I might be bowling better I am behind 2008 in two out of the three categories but the sanctioned 300 is the biggest difference.

258 (33rd)

216-232-258 = 706 (18th)

223.71 (14th)
4-14-2009 Bowler City

Bowled 7 games with a 257 last game using an inside line.

257 (34th)

4-15-2009 Bowler City

Bowled 7 games with the second game being 256.  The day's average was exactly 213.  A 250 or better game still seems like an achievement for me.

256 (35th)

4-16-2009 Bowler City

Bowled 3 league games on a night where we took seven points to move into second place.  My three games of 194-258-224 included a run of 13 strikes in a row which resulted from switching balls from the Hammer No Mercy Beat'n to the Morich LevRG which is the ball I used to bowl 300 five weeks earlier.

258 (36th)

  225.66 (15th)
4-18-2009 Bowler City

I watched Tommy Jordan bowl the other day and decided to emulate his approach in that I am taking my steps with my knees bent.  It is very strenuous on the knees but I was able to bowl well today in a five game block which was 206-185 with the Roto Grip Cell ball and then 279-223-237 with the Hammer No Mercy Beat'n.

279 (37th)

279-223-237 = 739 (19th)

226.00 (16th)
4-20-2009 Bowler City

It is difficult from a physical perspective to maintain the good knee bend and stay down with a Tommy Jordan type approach. Ray Ortense, a friend I've made at Bowler City, helped my stay lower and slower and work on my arm extension today and the result was a day's high game of 257.  I will stick with the major changes to my style as I believe that the positive long term results will come as the strength in my legs develop.

257 (38th)

4-24-2009 Bowler City

In my own adjusted way I remain close to the Tommy Jordan changes plus some of the suggestions of Ray Ortense. I often start with a low game because I am a bit stiff  and today began in that way.  My 10 games were 173-256-172-225-258-225-203-244-210-205.  The ball used today was the Cell and the day's average for the 10 games was 217.1.

256 (39th) 258 (40th)

225-258-225 = 708 (20th)

4-27-2009 Bowler City

On this Senior Monday I had a green pin strike so bowling was for free. Bowling with many new style changes, I recorded 9 games which were 232-246-204-235-277-231-209-202-203.  I even added a Sean Rash wrist cup to the Tommy Delutz, Tommy Jordan, Ray Ortense, Ansley Holmes influences of my game.  Frankly, it was a very tiring 9 game outing but with good success.

277 (41st)

235-277-231 = 743 (21st)

226.55 (17th)
4-29-2009 Bowler City

My game continues to be inspired by others.  Tommy Delutz holding the ball in the off hand push away, Tommy Jordan low stance, Ansley Holmes straight arm push away, Ray Ortense drop right shoulder, Sean Rash cupped wrist, Val Benson move in and slow down and Len Koslov heal toe walk.  So I averaged 219 for 7 games with a strong finish for the last three of a 707 series.

257 (42nd)

203-247-257 = 707 (22nd)

4-30-2009 Bowler City

My game continued well tonight in my league with games of 237-200-253 for a 690 effort.  My concentration on all the refinements to my game are going well this week,  My leg strength is gradually getting better.

253 (43rd)

  230.00 (18th)
5-4-2009 Bowler City

It was hot in the bowling center but with games of 210-266-222-258 what more was there to do, so I stopped bowling after 4 games.

266 (44th) 258 (45th)

266-222-258 = 746 (23rd) 239.00 (19th)
5-5-2009 Bowler City

It was still hot in the bowling center and I am trying to keep the bowling workout down to 4 to 6 games.  The 5 games for today were 226-200-246-194-234 so I had the one achievement of the 220 average for the day.


  220.00 (20th)
5-11-2009 Bowler City

During the Senior Monday I bowled 9 games and the best three in a row were 242-268-207. From the 5-5-2009 session to this day I did bowl several 240 plus games but the game over 250 can be tough for me at times.

268 (46th)

242-268-207 = 717 (24th)  
5-15-2009 Bowler City

After the first three games I was able to finally lock my push away arm like Ansley Holmes and the result were games of 226-246-259 (10 strikes). It took moving slowly to get the rhythm.  It is a very physical thing to do and illustrates just how strong and powerful Ansley really is and he is also a truly beautiful person.

259 (47th)

226-246-259 = 731 (25th)  
5-18-2009 Bowler City

On this Senior Special day my nine games were erratic although I averaged a bit over 215 with games of 181-202-245-178-179-245-243-258- 211. George Kirby and James Malone asked me to join them in the tough Tuesday Night Men's League and I accepted.  The Tuesday night league had 15 different men bowl 300 games and the high series was Ansley Holmes 823 effort.  Although he bowled only 57 games, our own Tommy Jordan was high average at 241.  I guess I really need to learn to bowl now as I was doing when I had the 746 series today with a great extended arm and slow push away.

258 (48th) 245-243-258 = 746 (26th)  
5-19-2009 Bowler City

Just the thought of bowling in the Tuesday Night Men's League at Bowler City creates a need to up my game.  This day was another day with a 215 average with games of 232-211-205-171-203-233-256-211. The low points were the bad 171 game and the fact that I had 15 strikes in a row at the end of the 256 game and start of the 211 game but ended the day with 3 out of 4 open frames.  Maybe I was a bit tired at the very end.  The highlights were that my rhythm was really very good and throwing 15 pocket strikes in a row.

256 (49th) 233-256-211 = 700 (27th)  
6-1-2009 Bowler City

I had an injury to my knee that might have really been from consumption of Aspartame.  So my return to bowling was delayed about a week and it took a while to get another 250 plus game.  On this Senior Monday, my final game of the day was a 10 strike all in the pocket 258 game for my 50th of the year on a day where I averaged 213.66 for 9 games.

258 (50th)    
6-4-2009 Bowler City

I am having a hard time with my first game and a good rhythm seems to come and go and come and go.  In this 8 game 200 average session I did get a 257 game which was number 250 plus game number 51 of the year.

257 (51st)    
6-8-2009 Bowler City

Bowled nine games on this Senior Monday and averaged an erratic 209.2 with a high game of 256 as the last game.  Using the arrows with my eyes, I was down the lane better and will continue to make that modification.  My high series of the day was 705.

256 (52nd) 222-235-248 = 705 (28th)  
6-25-2009 Bowler City I have been in a slump for two weeks trying so many different things that it was hard to get back to my own style and still have the revisions that are required for me to bowl well.  The six games today were a 211 average with a 265 high game. 265 (53rd)    
7-6-2009 Bowler City

After the first two games I used an exaggerated Athletic Approach.  The days scores were 204-177-252-225-246-217-254-233.  Nobel Energy certainly helped and the day's results put a stop to my recent bowling problems.

252 (54th) 254 (55th)

252-225-246 = 723 (29th)      217-254-233 = 704 (30th)

226 (21st)
7-10-2009 Bowler City

I have been starting slowly and today was no different.  However, game number five was 300 so the day certainly had big highlight. The six games were 171-182-224-194-300-204 for a 212.66 average.

300 (56th) 224-194-300 = 718 (31st)  
7-17-2009 Bowler City I averaged 213.2 for 5 games but I had to make changes from my horrific first game of 142.  I then bowled games of 256-227-218-223 to average 231 for the last 4 games. 256 (57th) 256-227-218 = 701 (32nd)  
7-22-2009 Bowler City I averaged 212.62 for 8 games which were 194-233-225-201-168-192-230-256. For the last two games I was able to stay back and take a very short third step and have a good push away which produced two good games at the end of the day bowled while I was tired. 256 (58th)    
7-27-2009 Bowler City I averaged 212.44 for 9 games which were 201-172-253-235-223-172-184-225-247. I bowled starting a bit more upright and the push away was mainly down to straighten my arm. I found that I was able to get the ball out and down the lane successfully. I need to bowl next week with my winter league team of James Malone, George Kerr and Lloyd Price. I look forward to bowling with all of them next Monday. 253 (59th) 253-235-223 = 711 (33rd)  
7-30-2009 Bowler City I ate a big lunch and bowled and I started tired.  It was hot in the bowling alley.  In my sixth game I started with the front 7 and bowled 268 which was the highlight of the day 268 (60th)    
7-31-2009 Bowler City It was a hot day and once again I got off to a slow start.  I ended the fourth game with a strike and threw the front nine before leaving a 5 - 7 split (which was a pocket hit) to finish up with a 264 game. The low push away is working very well for me. 264 (61st) 203-264-236 = 703 (34th)  
8-3-2009 Bowler City I finally got a chance to bowl with Lloyd Price and also with a truly beautiful person in George Kerr both of whom are on my team for the Fall Bowling League season.  After a few weak games I did bowl a 10 strike 268.  268 (62nd)    
8-7-2009 Bowler City The lanes were extremely dry and I could not hit the pocket because of the early break. Using the Tommy Jordan philosophy that I am not married to an arrow, I moved my feet 15 boards to the left and threw over the fourth arrow, going across the head pin and back for a sold 257 game. 257 (63rd)    
8-16-2009 Bowler City I average just over 210 for 8 games.  I bowled with my friends Al and Michelle Marino for the first four games. The next four games of 211-245-233-247 concluded the day very well.  I had a string of 14 strikes in a row, all in the pocket to close out the 233 game with 7 in a row and start the 247 games with 7 in a row. thus the day ended on a high note.   245-233-247 = 725 (35th)  
8-24-2009 Bowler City I averaged 209.28 for 9 games and was able to put together games of 226-223-256 for a 705 series. I have good energy these days since I am using Cardio Cocktail, Ubiquinol, Resveratrol and Peak Energy. 256 (64th) 226-223-256 = 705 (35th)  
8-28-2009 Bowler City I feel that as I lose some weight, I will bowl better. I did have a 258 game towards the end of my 7 game set which made for some enjoyment.  258 (65th)    
9-2-2009 Bowler City Sometimes you just go out and bowl nicely and this was such a day. I bowled 4 games which were 256-202-201-233.  I made all 14 of my spares and missed all four of my splits.  I had 27 strikes for a 58% strike percentage. 256 (66th)   223.00 (22nd)
9-7-2009 Bowler City Frankly, my left knee is really hurting me.  I had a few good games out of the 11.9 games I bowled on Senior Monday.  In game six, I started with the front 8 and finished up with 265. My energy was good enough in the eleventh game to bowl 233 but in need strength and some serious weight loss to get to a new level. I am wondering if I can get to 100 games over 250 by year's end. 265 (67th)    
9-11-2009 Bowler City Working with a new release for the second day, I was able to bowl 251 in my last of six games.  The release is like throwing a football underhanded with a spiral.  It takes some wrist strength. 251 (68th)    
10-2-2009 Bowler City I wonder what has caused the tremendous slump that I have been in since September 11, 2009.  I bowled 6 games today and three were bad and three were over 200 with the highlight being a solid 256 game.  It could be some pains that I have been having from being on my diet and also some strong pain in my right knee. My return to a longer approach and trying to sight on the arrows maybe helping a bit or at least it seemed so for a few minutes today.  256 (69th)    
10-5-2009 Bowler City I got the full exercise of bowling 12 games on Senior Monday and two of the games were really good.  There was a game of 256 and another of 267 with the front 8 strikes. I am still bowling a few bad games in the mix but things are looking up a bit.

256 (70th) 267 (71st)

10-14-2009 Bowler City I have been trying to deal with some problems in my left knee which is causing me not to bend well at the knee.  Ansley Holmes suggested that I start with my knees bent more and I see some hope if I can stay in position to throw the ball on the start of my upswing.  My first game of this 7 game session was a nine strike game of 255.  I see some hope in that I only bowled just one bad game out of the seven games of this session. 255 (72nd)    
11-2-2009 Bowler City The knee pain problems continue but staying low in my stance helped me bowl at least a very good game 8 of 287.  I averaged 206.7 for 10 grueling games.  The ten strikes in a row in game 8 were all solid and the speed was between 14.5 mph to 15.5 mph which is on the fast side for me.  Staying down increases my speed, I used the name I Love Priyanka on the sheet. 287 (73nd)    
11-4-2009 Bowler City I bowled only five games, 173-170-245-245-23 which gave me an average of 212. It it hard to bend enough at the knees when I start at first and then to take that slight crossover step.  I haven't bowled a 700 series in two months so the day was satisfying.   245-245-232=722 (36th)  
12-14-2009 Bowler City I have had a great deal of knee problems.  For this Senior Monday I used a much lower stance and a four step approach. It took a game to get into the lower stance and then the results were like the old days.  The seven games bowled were 176-255-216-223-257-204-247.  Maybe my slump is close to ending.  I am certainly encouraged by today's performance. There were 50 strikes in the seven games with the longest strike string being 9 in a row.

255 (74th)257 (75th)

257-204-247=707 (37th) 225.42 (23rd)