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Dear Horse Enthusiast,

American Made CO-Ownership Services is a profit motivated organization that was created to provide a unique method for people to become CO-Owners of thoroughbred racehorses. I bring together people who wish to be active owners and who want to take full advantage of all racing privileges and tax benefits. Each of the CO-Owners utilizes American Made services to make racehorse ownership enjoyable and easy.

My business experience and varied associations in the thoroughbred industry enables me to locate available equine CO-Ownership opportunities for my clients.

My clients are offered percentages of horses in a variety of price ranges to accommodate an individual's budget. Each CO-Owner is informed of their responsibilities from the onset and are provided with a CO-Ownership Agreement.

My CO-Ownerships horses are conditioned by top trainers and campaigned by established owners.

If you have always wanted to enjoy and experience Thoroughbred racing as an Owner, I am only a phone call away.


Bob Fox