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I offer an array of Bloodstock Agent Services, including the buying and selling of Broodmares, racing stock and private purchases of young horses.  Take a look at my Profile and surf a variety of areas to learn about my accomplishments and contacts.  Horses for Sale Section which is constantly being update for the final quarter of 2011 calendar year.  Equine Racing Evaluation, Pedigree Research, Profit Motivated Management, Equine Marketing, Industry Contacts, Buying and Selling, Strategic Planning are among my other specialties.  As a Bloodstock Agent, I am known for doing creative transactions.  Take a look at Mating Mare Considerations, Contracts, Appraisals, and Other Things. Look at these pages in this Services Area to see the ways in which I can assist you in your equine endeavors.

I'm delighted to be directly involved with an extremely promising young stallion in Courageous Cat who recently moved to New York for the 2013 North American Breeding Season. Courageous Cat (2006 by Storm Cat out of Tranquility Lake by Rahy) is extraordinary. He is as blessed with surreal speed, superb pedigree and exceptional conformation. All of these stallion qualities are being offered with my most exceptional breeding contracts ever.

I'm additional proud to be directly involved with the relocation from Kentucky to New York of now, one of the Empire State's most highly successful stallions, El Corredor. Much information about the success on the racetrack and at stud is readily available. This webpage focuses on how to make stallion selections by sharing information on genetics principles with a focus on both the origin of the science and present day understanding.

For What It's Worth

The Fox Brothers are proud to represent the sensational health product, Cardio For Life.  We worry about the health of our clients. Please contact us to answer any questions about this important good health product.  As I always say "The Time is Always Now."  I highly recommend that you view the videos done by The American Health Journal's in their interview with the Nobel Prize winner Dr. Louis Ignarro. Just click here to watch Part One and Part Two. If your interest is peaked by the Dr. Ignarro, you certainly enjoy the video done by the University of Texas Houston, Science Health Center on The Discovery of the Effects of Nitric Oxide on the Circulatory System

Our latest affiliations are with Cardio For Life, Sunfood and Purest Colloids which offers the finest level of Nutraceutical Products, Colloidal Metals and Raw Foods. With DR%. Mercola Products we are beginning by focusing on Krill Oil, Ubiquinol, Probiotics which comply with the highest quality standards required by The Natural Standard website, a Research Collaboration that is recognized as an Authority on Integrated Medicine.  Natural Standard was founded by Catherine (Kate) Ulbricht, PharmD, MBA and Ethan Basch, MD, MSc, MPhil both connected with Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. 

Our focus with Purest Colloids is Collloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold. With Sunfood we focus on Maqui Berry Powder, Sun is Shining and Cocao Powder. Everything we are dealing with is the highest standard of that product.

For What It's Worth

Sellers Paradise is the website that provides information about the many Nutraceutical Products that are being recommended from our resources that include Cardio For Life, Purest Colloids, Sunfoods, You may also do your online ordering through this Sellers Paradise link. There is a lot to learn and it is important to educate yourself about your health. This website and Sellers Paradise will provide you with information that might just extend your life and solve several health issues.



Optional Foal Shares, Stallion Seasons, Stallion Shares, and standard Foal Shares and Mare Shares, are specialties that I offer to people in the Thoroughbred business.  I do special Optional Foal Shares, with terms that work for the sellers, and are fair for the buyers, while at the same time, respecting the value of a client. You can see a variety of deals for the 2009 breeding season that are available under special terms by clicking here on Stallions Information. In these unual economic times, very special deals can be done to get the small breeder through the tough days ahead.  Breeders are sure to love them.  Information is provide and some mating suggestions.


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Just Click Here to Order Race Formula and/or Pro-Dev-Gro-Mare Bloom

Race Formula is a performance enhancing completely natural and legal granulated supplement that provides actual cost savings for the users. It is with great pride that we have been able to make this amazing supplement once again available in a new enhanced formula. The Fox Brothers are delighted to represent a proven custom made Equine Supplement with a 35 year history that can truly stand on its own merits. Such great horses as Spectacular Bid, Slew o' Gold, Princess Rooney, Deputy Minister, Timely Writer, Cozzene, and Fit to Fight to name just a few all raced on Race Formula. Outstanding trainers to include John Nerud, Grover "Buddy" Delp, Mackenzie Miller, P.G. Johnson and other notable horsemen used Race Formula for their equine athletes for spans of time up to three and one half decades.  Click here to take a closer look to learn about Race Formula and the companion products Mare Bloom and Pro-Dev-Gro Race formula is currently being used by HH Sheikh Ahmed of Dubai

For What It's Worth

I have become involved with Questroyal North and Barry Ostrager, who I have known for more than 35 years, and their excellent stallion roster.  In working with Mr. Ostrager, I have become involved with the very promising Courageous Cat in New York and they is available for the 2013 season. We are fortunate to have them in New York.  Read about them clicking on their names above.  You can view the Questroyal website by clicking here: to get further information about all the Questroyal Stallions.  Call me and I will make wonderful special things happen for you in these tough present day economic times.

For What It's Worth

I have recently rearranged my website and have grouped several sections under the Miscellaneous category.  You will find a variety of my personal interests as well as information regarding several projects that I am currently more or less active in at this juncture. You can find things of interest here and at times I link certain Emails to pages found in this region of my website. 

For What It's Worth

I have added some personal information about myself.  My bowling activities and my passion for the Bollywood Film industry have earned me the nickname of Bowling Bollywood Bob.  Bollywood information about some of my favorite stars is available with a click here at Bollywood.  I am a big fan of two of Bollywood's most remarkable and beautiful actresses both of which won the Miss World Title in that Beauty Pageant.  Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (Miss World 1992) and Priyanka Chopra (Miss World 2000) are both sensational actresses and fantastic dancers.  Call me to chat about the Bollywood Film industry at anytime.  these two international stars have many movies being released in the month ahead.

My bowling pages begin with a click here at Bowling.  I am available to those who bowl for some bowling instruction or to provide online links and suggestions that are bound to improve your game if you are a bowler. I was the New York City Bowling Champion in High School while I attend Brooklyn Tech.  I have returned to the lanes after a 43 year break in October of 2006.  My league average for my first league in almost a half century was a little over 206 and just under 209 for my summer league activities.  On December 20, 2006 I recorded by first modern day 250 game and on January 23, 2007 my first modern day 700 series.  By February 16 I bettered 275 and on March 1, 2007 I bowled a sanctioned 289 game. On March 27, 2007 I achieved a series over 750.  On January 14, 2008, I bowled a perfect 300 game.  It has been since August 15, 1963 that I last bowled an 800 series (813, my only one) so I am hopeful that I can once again break the 800 series barrier in 2008.  My best modern day series has been 792 bowled May 29, 2007.  During 2008 I have improved my ability to bowl big games and put together many more three games series over 700.  For those who like to bowl and also like to know about what I am doing on the lanes, you will enjoy visiting this potion of my site. However I have not recently been bowling but this part of my website is still present because I look forward to resuming my bowling activities.

For What It's Worth

American Made CO-Ownership Services is designed to give new owners and owners looking to expand their interest an active ownership role. It is ideal for people who enjoy the concept of owning part of a Thoroughbred racehorse. A click here on American Made CO-Ownership Services will provide you with more information about this active CO-Ownership concept.

Fox Thoroughbred World

I have created an online newspaper "Fox Thoroughbred World" with links to a great variety of sites that you will find useful. You can get access to various thoroughbred links as well as currency conversion, stock quotes, foreign newspapers, search engines, weather and an endless array of websites that are sure to provide you useful ways to surf the world wide web. 

I find it is important to understand conflicting opinions.  Try to make it a daily habit to read the newspapers from my "World News" section. The conflicting views of various newspapers including Israeli, Arabic and publications from every corner of the globe are very enlightening.   

For What It's Worth

Read some of the past articles I had published along with some new inspirational thoughts which I add when they come into my mind.  These articles are sure to be topics of interest to all in the horse business. I put a very personal slant on important issues. You may or may not agree with me, but you will surely enjoy reading these interesting articles.

Wisdom Ads, More Wisdom & People

A broad variety of personal photographs along with an array of wisdom ranging from Albert Einstein to Yogi Berra to William Shakespeare to Bob Fox.  Enjoy this section of my website which is guaranteed to make you think and laugh. Many Pictures and Copy are from ads run in the Thoroughbred Record during the late 1980s.

God Bless Our Troops On Duty Throughout the World & God Bless America

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Sports Photography provides us with a record of great events, especially before the new age of television.  View some of our past sales to enjoy the wonders of top quality picture in this art medium at Sold Photographs. Click to see some descriptions of great thoroughbred memorabilia including never before seen photographs of many champions at our eBay site and at Champions Galler


" The Time is Always Now."


Courageous Cat

Now at Stud in New York for the 2013 Breeding Season

Four time winner of the LET - IT - RIDE. Site of the Day Award.

This website, the home of the fair deal and of the Optional Foal Share, was honored as the "Website of the Day" on July 3, 2002, December 26, 2002, February 10, 2003 and on March 13, 2005 by Let It Ride (, one of the most complete horsemen's sites on the Internet. Also honored were affiliated sites American Made CO-Ownership Services on May 9, 2003, Champions Gallery on May 8, 2003 and The Jana Domino Thoroughbred Foundation on March 17, 2003.





Be sure to visit our online memorabilia auctions to see great pictures of past champions.

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